Adaptive IT™ Framework

Implement enterprise transformation and DevOps with the Adaptive ITTM Framework.

The Adaptive IT™ Framework

Digital transformation is hard.  Yet organisations must adapt to the demands of the digital economy or risk becoming obsolete.

To undergo digital transformation, you must first create a flexible, adaptable IT capability. At DevOpsGroup, we help organisations achieve this via DevOps – a concept which synthesises ideas such as Agile software development and Lean IT with new automation techniques to create an effective model for IT delivery.

Based on our experiences with both enterprises and scale-ups, we’ve built the Adaptive IT™ Framework. It helps businesses understand where they need to make changes, and how.

The Adaptive IT™ Framework Whitepaper
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Our Whitepapers

The Adaptive IT™ Framework: Digital Transformation Done Right

Find out how the five pillars of the Adaptive IT™ Framework - Strategy, Organisation, Culture, Ways-of-Working and Technology - enables organisations to implement enterprise transformation and DevOps successfully.

The Adaptive ITTM Framework: Strategy - Getting Closer to Customers

Get closer to your customers with this Strategy focussed whitepaper.

The Adaptive ITTM Framework: Organisation - Doing What Matters

Guiding enterprise transformation and DevOps adoption for enduring success in the digital economy.

The Adaptive ITTM Framework: Culture – make people your competitive edge

Guiding the cultural aspects of digital transformation.

The Adaptive ITTM Framework: Ways of Working – Delivering value, fast

Looking at how to join up systems thinking, Lean and Agile for intuitive, value-driven software development.

Adaptive ITTM Framework: Technology - Enabling Transformation

Guiding enterprise transformation and DevOps adoption for enduring success in the digital economy.

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