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Digital Transformation Done Right

Our Adaptive ITTM Framework helps drive meaningful and focused digital transformation and DevOps adoption.

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Power Test your PowerShell with PowerShell

DevOpsGroup engineers Ed Dipple and Mark Nash show you how you can use Pester and PSScriptAnalyzer to help you write excellent scripts.

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Pipeline Assessment Datasheet

Define your continuous delivery vision, and devise a strategy to achieve it.

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What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a language, platform and cloud provider agnostic DevOps toolchain and orchestration platform from Microsoft. Is it right for your team?

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Feb 18 - 6 Minute Read

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Burnout in tech: how to protect your people

Burnout is a big issue for IT professionals. Keeping up with change in the digital age will always be hard, but you can make the environment safer.

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Feb 3 - 7 Minute Read

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Transformation lessons insurance can learn from banking

Our guest blogger Mark Akerman says progressive boards and non-executive directors are the secret sauce of banking transformation success – can insurance follow suit?

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Jan 10 - 4 Minute Read

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Why change deployment frequency results in big gains

One of the 5 key DevOps metrics championed in the annual Google “State of DevOps Report” is “deployment frequency”.

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