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Moving to the cloud isn’t enough

Mounting evidence says that the way infrastructure is recreated in the cloud significantly impacts associated benefits. Organisations that maximise opportunities for agility and customer-centricity are more likely to enjoy positive changes in growth, profitability and market share. To derive value from the transition quickly, modernisation of systems through
practices such as infrastructure as code is vital.

Yet cloud migration is inherently complex, and technology is just one part of the equation. Factors such as alignment of goals, budgeting processes and internal culture need to be considered, as well as the existing IT estate and team capabilities.

Simply relocating IT onto a cloud platform won’t transform your business. But improving everything at once will take too long. DevOpsGroup can help you strike the right balance.

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Cloud Migration

Most enterprise-level cloud migrations have the added pressure of a datacentre closure deadline. The move must be executed quickly and efficiently to minimise dual running costs. This means rewriting on-premise applications to maximise the benefits of the new environment simply isn’t feasible for a large portion of the IT estate.

A pragmatic approach is needed to facilitate a seamless migration that also primes applications for ongoing modernisation later.

Complex migrations are business as usual for DevOpsGroup’s cloud engineers. We work with customers to determine which applications or components warrant immediate, in-depth developer attention versus those that can be evolved using containers, platform-as-a-service options or an everything-as-code approach. Sometimes a lift-and-shift is the best option. It’s about working tactically, using a blend of techniques to achieve strategic goals.

DevOpsGroup - Enterprise Cloud Migration

Tech Modernisation

A deadline-driven cloud migration inevitably involves compromise. For some areas of the estate a ‘done is better than perfect’ attitude has to prevail. It’s easier to justify this when you remember that cloud platforms are continually evolving, which means cloud-native is a spectrum, not an end-state.

Once the physical migration is complete, take a deeper look at business needs. Determine where boosting applications’ cloud-native characteristics could unlock the greatest benefits in critical areas such as performance and expense management.

Processes like continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and microservices come to the fore at this stage. They can take automation and agility to a higher level, but they bring their own challenges. DevOpsGroup can help you navigate this stage of the modernisation journey, with consultancy, engineering and training services.

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