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Boost agility by modernising your technology stack, moving to DevOps ways of working and improving staff skills

Too slow, too inflexible?

Enterprise organisations invariably tell us they want to be ‘more agile’ or ‘more like a start-up’. They’re frustrated by their current IT function and its apparent inability to meet changing needs.

While being more like a start-up is a valid goal, it’s worth remembering why it’s difficult. Enterprise organisations typically have large customer bases, major brand names, hard-earned reputations and multi-million revenues. All those tangible and intangible assets can prevent you moving as quickly as you might like.

But there are ways to embrace a start-up mindset without compromising all of this. Adopting DevOps principles allows you to have the best of both worlds.

We’ve helped many enterprise organisations instigate world-class speed-to-market capabilities to deliver new products and features that delight customers. This goes hand-in-hand with robust operational stability to underpin customer satisfaction, protect data and meet regulatory obligations.

A CALMS foundation

Enterprise IT departments need to change the way they work to:

  • Reduce silos and friction between teams
  • Leverage new technologies and automation tools to release teams from low-value, repetitive tasks
  • Improve cybersecurity and simplify regulatory compliance
  • Boost staff morale and reduce staff turnover

A healthy experience for over one million members.

Find out how DevOpsGroup helped Fitness First’s IT department become more responsive to business goals and reduce costs.

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DevOps Transformation

With customers demanding more from digital platforms, technology leaders are under mounting pressure to innovate faster. At the same time they need to maintain system stability and reliability.

Implementing DevOps ways of working is an effective way to resolve this challenge.

We help enterprise organisations accelerate their adoption of DevOps principles and practices to build inspired and motivated teams. It means they can deliver innovation while reducing operational risk.​ Our consultants are highly experienced in helping large and complex organisations transform the way they operate by fully embracing DevOps.

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Cloud Migration

Cloud is a key enabler of digital and DevOps transformation. But simply moving to the cloud won’t automatically achieve this: the way you recreate your infrastructure in the new environment has a bearing on future success.

DevOpsGroup’s cloud migration and engineering services accelerate your journey from legacy datacentres to a modern, performant and secure cloud platform.

We use DevOps practices, such as automation and everything-as-code, to drive value from your cloud adoption faster. Ultimately that means a lower total cost of ownership and greater agility for your business. Sooner rather than later.

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How can DevOpsGroup help?

DevOpsGroup has a proven track record helping organisations implement DevOps and Cloud.

Our cohesive portfolio of consulting, engineering and training services can change how your IT function delivers its service, ensuring it can meet the organisation’s evolving needs in the digital economy.

Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for CXOs

This whitepaper demonstrates how aligning DevOps and digital transformation can unlock commercial benefits.

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