One of the main obstacles to implementing DevOps is the lack of buy-in from staff at all levels within the organisation. In many cases, DevOps represents a major shift in employees’ thinking and their approach to their role. This problem can be addressed by training programmes to educate organisations on all aspects of DevOps.

During its introduction, staff need to thoroughly understand what DevOps is and how it applies to their job roles. This will allow them to comprehend what the key benefits are to themselves and the business.

Teams also need training on specific automation tools. They should appreciate that Automation will allow more time to be spend doing creative work that really makes a difference.

To drive a DevOps initiative through an organisation, the C-level team should be in a position to match the advantages that DevOps brings to the needs of the business. Programme and operational management teams will require a deeper knowledge, including the underlying methodology – Agile. Operational staff will need knowledge on more detailed aspects of DevOps such as the Software Development Lifecycle together with training on specific Automation tools.

DevOpsGroup Education and Training Services

DevOpsGroup is one on the leading DevOps Training providers in the UK. We deliver off the shelf training courses that are specifically aimed at these three user groups. Our DevOps training courses are delivered in half and full day workshops. We can also put together on-going bespoke DevOps training programmes for individual clients based on their specific objectives and requirements.

All DevOpsGroup Education courses are delivered by our highly experienced, UK based consultants. They will impart the practical real-world knowledge that we have gained while working with modern forward-thinking organisations.


DevOpsGroup’ Education services will establish the following capabilities within your organisation:

  • Comprehension of the philosophy, approach and principles of Agile & DevOps
  • Development of a core capability through internal knowledge
  • Improved skillset to design, develop, deploy and operate services faster
  • Ability to gain maximum return from technology investments

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