The process of manually deploying software is often problematic, resulting in lengthy delays in making software available to users. The processes involved are dull, repetitive and ill-suited to being performed by humans, leading to mistakes and inconsistencies due to the monotony of the work. Quality is therefore impacted as inconsistent environments result in unpredictable outcomes.

DevOpsGroup Automate Services

DevOpsGroup Automate services free our clients’ staff from performing boring, mind-numbing work. By using machines to conduct these tasks in a consistent fashion, the mistakes and anomalies that human beings typically make are eliminated. As this burden of work is removed from staff members, they can then focus on more creative work that increases their job satisfaction and adds real value to the organisation. There is also a significant speed advantage as automated processes are much faster than their manual counterparts.

By automating much of the software deployment process, the resulting ease and reliability inspires the confidence to release frequently. This allows for continuous feedback to be rapidly incorporated into future releases and for software development to be truly Agile.

DevOpsGroup has significant experience in helping organisations to implement automation tools to accelerate software delivery. We are specialists in the creation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines. Our engineers are highly skilled in the automation of releasing software, testing software and server provisioning using tools in both Microsoft and open source environments.

We hold top tier accreditations with all of the major vendors of automation software including Ansible, AppDynamics, Atlassian, Dataloop, JetBrains, Microsoft, Octopus and Redgate. For many of these vendors, DevOpsGroup are the principal professional services partner for their clients in the UK. We also have in depth knowledge of open source automation software including Git, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, ELK and Docker. Many of our staff are actively involved in the development and usage of these automation tools and sit on steering groups for their ongoing development.

All DevOpsGroup Automate services are delivered by our highly experienced consultants who impart the practical real-world knowledge that we have gained while working with modern forward-thinking organisations.


DevOpsGroup Automate services will provide the following benefits to your organisation:

  • Elimination of repetitive tasks allowing staff to focus on value adding work.
  • Increased speed of delivery of new software releases.
  • Reduction of ongoing operational cost.
  • Creation of standardised consistent environments to remove errors.
  • Removal of the reliance on individual staff members or teams.

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