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Financial Services on AWS

Cloud migration, cloud managed services and training for the financial services sector

AWS Migrations for Financial Services Organisations

From financial services giants to scaling Fintechs and Insurtechs, organisations in this heavily regulated sector have much to gain from AWS. DevOpsGroup has the experience and expertise to unlock these benefits fast. We’ve helped customers migrate and modernise hundreds of sensitive and regulated workloads while meeting security and regulatory obligations. When migration is complete, our skilled cloud engineers can handle ongoing platform management and improvement, so customers can focus on business-critical priorities.

Financial Services Experience

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We’ve enabled conventional high street banks to transform and accelerate software production so that development time for new ideas is slashed from months to minutes. Using key DevOps principles such as automation we optimise critical aspects of banking operations to stimulate cost-effective, stable growth and innovation.


When we orchestrated an AWS migration for a cloud-native international remittance service provider, the changes we made improved resilience, unlocked innovation and saved money. Our experience in complex migrations, including cloud-to-cloud, coupled with knowledge of PCI compliant environments sets us apart.

Capital Markets

We understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong, secure and compliant presence while achieving faster innovation, better customer service and increased shareholder value. More importantly, we have helped customers achieve it with expert-led cloud migration and ongoing cloud platform support.

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From greenfield investments to conventional insurance businesses, we have a proven track record creating agile cloud-based infrastructures that deliver tangible benefits. We leverage the capabilities of AWS to facilitate innovation, optimise processes, deepen customer relationships and improve risk profiles.

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Why DevOpsGroup?

We build digital platforms that optimise reliability, scalability and security using AWS’ resilient global cloud infrastructure. This empowers financial services organisations to innovate faster without compromising core principles. Our customers gain the confidence and capability to meet rapidly changing customer behaviours and expectations, and drive business growth.

  • Modernise legacy systems
  • Improve agility and scalability
  • Embrace customer-centricity
  • Harness data-driven innovation
  • Achieve fast, stable growth
  • Boost security and compliance

Architecting secure financial services workloads on AWS

Our cloud engineers hold outstanding depth and breadth of knowledge in security principles on AWS. We also understand the unique security needs of the financial services sector, from PCI compliance to CIS regulations. Following the latest in AWS best practice, we architect secure workloads with strong foundations. Critical areas such as identity and access management, detection, infrastructure protection, data protection and incident response are expertly configured and managed to bring maximum assurance. Ultimately, we help financial services companies make the most of AWS’ shared responsibility model to relieve the operational burden while upholding robust security standards.

Specialised cloud services

DevOpsGroup Cloud Migration
DevOps-enabled cloud migration

Cloud migration can be complex, so it helps to have expert guidance and engineering support on-hand. We make the journey fast, secure and simple, building a secure cloud platform that provides a strong foundation for future activity. By automating key functions, we improve agility, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.

DevOpsGroup Cloud Operations
Cloud Managed Services

Support from experienced cloud engineers who specialise in AWS brings multiple benefits. These range from better cost management to faster resolution of problems and incident reduction, unlocking time and energy for innovation. Increased operational maturity ensures high standards of security, reliability and resilience as well as continual improvement.

Cloud & DevOps training

When teams are equipped with specialist skills, progress becomes faster and more effective. We offer certified training in cloud, DevOps and agile, delivered by experienced practitioners. Our individual and team training options can be tailored to suit financial services organisations of different sizes and facing different circumstances.

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