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Using our insight in DevOps enabled practices, and with our extensive experience placed at your disposal, you can unlock your organisation’s innovation and agility.

If you’re looking to start your cloud journey, need help implementing your strategy, or looking for operations support for your critical applications; our team are here to help you achieve your goals.

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Why Us?

We offer a comprehensive view of cloud adoption, including platform choice, target operating models, addressing your skills gap and managing cloud expenses before they get out of control.

Our consultants aren’t just experts in cloud technologies; we are skilled at managing organisational change and introducing new ways of working.

DevOps is essential for cloud adoption, especially if you want to enable innovation. DevOpsGroup are recognised as thought leaders in the field; quoted by both Gartner and Forester in their research. Choosing a partner that truly understands DevOps, not just as a set of automation tools, but as a holistic way of working, will pave your way to a successful cloud transformation.

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Our CloudOps Services


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Cloud Adoption

Our adoption and transformation frameworks give you clear guidance from experienced consultants. We cut through the hype and provide a clear plan to deliver value, faster. Here’s what we cover:

  • Cloud Strategy
  •  Application portfolio discovery and planning
  • Large-scale migration planning and management
  • Training and career paths
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Cloud Engineering

Your cloud platform will be designed, planned and built by industry leading engineers. We’ll support you with new deployments, migrating specific applications or optimising and re-platforming services already in the cloud. Our engineers will help turn your goals into reality:

  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud platform engineering
  • Application migration
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Cloud Operations

Let us take care of operations so you can focus on delivering great products and software. We provide next-gen cloud management and support for your most critical applications, using DevOps enabled practices:

  • Cloud support
  • Cloud platform management
  • Application platform management
  • CloudOps reliability engineering
  • Cloud expense management

Benefits of our services

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We cut through the hype and provide unambiguous guidance that allows you to take meaningful action.

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Our experienced engineers, backed up by our patterns practices and playbooks will deliver value faster.

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Our consultants are skilled at managing organisational change and introducing new ways of working, bringing your teams on the journey.

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We’re industry leaders that advocate DevOps as a holistic way of working, allowing you to maximise your innovation potential from the cloud.

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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service from the very first contact.

Strong client relationships are key to our business success. We know this can only be achieved by great communication and offering the best expert support.

If you’d like to know more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals, our team are here to help – click the link and we’ll be in touch!

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What else do we offer?

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DevOpsGroup are a large team of experienced consultants who work with organisations to deliver practical engineering and consultancy solutions, to transform and accelerate the way organisations deliver their software.

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DevOpsGroup Academy offer certified training delivered by industry leading experts, providing the capability and knowledge to help you reach the next phase of your digital transformation journey.

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