Digital Transformation at enterprise level can only be achieved when it is underpinned by a solid platform to deliver and support new applications, services and technologies. DevOps is widely seen as the answer to this problem, but implementing DevOps represents a major challenge for large organisations because they do not always have the process, technology or culture to facilitate significant IT change.

DevOpsGroup provides our clients with practical and tangible solutions that have a rapid and significant positive impact. We understand how DevOps practices are being successfully applied in modern forward-thinking organisations rather than just having theoretical knowledge from the classroom. Some of the work that we have done in specific vertical markets is detailed below.

Aerospace and Defence

The Aerospace & Defence sector is changing rapidly as customers have become more sophisticated. They now require a seamless digital experience whether placing orders during the manufacturing process, reserving airline seats online or supporting soldiers on the battlefield. DevOpsGroup is currently supporting BAE Systems to develop a world-class service delivery capability.


Advances in ecommerce technology have significantly raised customer expectations. They can now easily compare prices online, check whether products are in stock at physical stores and access reviews from other customers who have used the service. Retailers are reacting to the four digital disruptors of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, by using them to increase the capacity, efficiency and scalability of their IT capability. DevOpsGroup is currently supporting brands such as Waitrose to enhance their ecommerce platforms.

Financial Services

The Financial Services sector faces significant challenges as new entrants, unrestricted by legacy systems, enter the market and change the landscape. While financial institutions struggle to keep up, financial-technology or “FinTech” start-ups are on the rise. They are changing the way in which consumers save, borrow, send money abroad and make payments. DevOpsGroup has helped both, online payment service provider, PayU and, online investing service, Wealthify in this sector.

Public Sector

The environment in which Public Sector IT operates has changed rapidly in the past few years. The Public Sector is under extreme pressure to respond quickly to users’ needs and get new services to market faster. DevOpsGroup has worked closely with Government Digital Services (GDS) in the UK to deliver services and solutions which enable digital teams building government services to meet the “Digital by Default” service standard. DevOpsGroup has assisted public sector organisations including the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, the Ministry of Justice and Companies House.

Telecoms, Media and Entertainment

Many sectors depend on fixed and mobile telecoms networks in order to function in the digital economy. However, it is ironic that the industry which provides the backbone to digitization is itself a laggard when it comes to digital transformation. However, competitive pressures are mounting for telecoms service providers, making digital transformation an increasingly urgent imperative. DevOpsGroup has worked with Vodafone to create the template that the company uses for deploying global applications within its portfolio.

Travel and Leisure

Travel is now the single largest online sector, accounting for thirty-five percent of all sales on the Internet. Advances in software applications have shifted the balance of power from traditional suppliers to new market entrants. DevOpsGroup works in the T&L sector to assist enterprises like Inghams to digitally transform by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams. Learn more here about how DevOpsGroup is supporting Fitness First to develop an outstanding gym experience for its one million members.

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