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Associate Delivery Manager

Permanent Job Vacancy | Full Time
Salary: £30,000 – £35,000 pa (+excellent benefits)
Location: Cardiff

Is this the start of your DevOpsGroup Journey?

We’re an award winning consultancy with an awesome team of individuals - working together to help clients on their digital transformation journey.

If team work inspires you and you're driven to make a real difference to both people and organisations, we’re always on the lookout for brilliant new team members - Can you add your very own chapter to the DevOpsGroup story?


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What You'll Do...

As an Associate Delivery Manager, you will play a key part in contributing to the success of one or more customer engagements, delivering specific Agile projects or transformations via a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled DevOpsGroup squad, Voyager. You’ll be adept at supporting the delivery of digital projects and breaking down barriers for your team, helping to manage the flow of work through different techniques and initiatives.

Here’s how your first month will look…

  • Our People Team have provided you with everything you need to know during your induction and you’ll have met your new squad (Voyager)
  • You’ll have read at least three of the books provided in your New Starter pack
  • You’ll dive straight into your team stand-ups
  • You’ll start to learn more about the way we deliver work and understand our ways of working
  • The software and tech we use is becoming much more clear
  • You are getting to grips with our products, clients and services mix
  • You’ll be collaborating with our experienced Lead Delivery Manager, Isabel, who will be there to support you along the way
  • Any queries or concerns? These have been addressed and you’re more than ready for your DevOpsGroup future

By month three…

  • Your confidence has grown as you really start to build relationships with our clients and delivery team
  • The metrics that the team use is now something you are familiar with and confident applying
  • You are contributing to the company’s objectives and feel comfortable creating your own
  • You are now familiar with every member of the DOG family
  • You are supporting the delivery of value for our clients on their digital transformation journey
  • Perhaps you are sharing your skills and expertise to help other members of the team to grow
  • You are working closely with other delivery managers to define roadmaps for our clients
  • As you have full access to our DevOpsGroup Academy, by now you’ve completed a training course or two
  • You’ve attended your first DOG conf!
  • You know all of the technologies we use with our clients and you are learning more about these daily
  • By now, you are balancing multiple priorities and dealing with ambiguity
  • Perhaps you’ve got a thing or two wrong along the way, but that’s okay, failure IS an option at DevOpsGroup and is something we are always learning from
  • The direction you are heading in is much clearer with thanks to the strategies and plans you have created for yourself, with your team and our clients
  • Perhaps you are starting to identify some areas for personal development

A full year with DevOpsGroup…

  • On reflection, you’ve done some fantastic work guiding our clients on their digital transformation journey
  • You know what you know, and know what you don’t know with thanks to your learning pathway
  • You understand what you need to do to progress to the next stage
  • There’s been some epic highs and one or two lows along the way
  • Perhaps you are reflecting back on a conference or meetup you’ve presented at, or some blogs you may have written
  • From Product to Finance, you’ve collaborated with every team at DOG
  • You are helping to develop DevOpsGroup as a company and play a role in shaping the company’s future

Meet the Voyager squad

DevOpsGroup Team member Isabel Robson headshot
Isabel Robson

Client Success Manager

DevOpsGroup Team member Dave Grant headshot
Dave Grant


DevOpsGroup Team member Sean Robinson headshot
Sean Robinson

Agile Coach

DevOpsGroup Team member Jake Morgan headshot
Jake Morgan


DevOpsGroup Team member Edmund Dipple headshot
Edmund Dipple


DevOpsGroup Team member James Reed headshot
James Reed


We’re looking for people who:

  • Have no fear of change
  • Have the right attitude and behaviour
  • Stay focused while adapting fast
  • Innovate and make great things happen
  • Stay awesome while under pressure
  • Grow when faced with challenges
  • Have a strong interest in developing into someone who can drive their own deliveries

The experience you’ll need:

  • Some experience in delivering change with project management methodologies, preferably Agile
  • Evidence of contribution to delivering change within a business environment
  • Client facing, strong interpersonal skills
  • Evidence of client communication and stakeholder management and have the aptitude to focus on growing this key skill
  • Drive, enthusiasm and resilience – to work in a multi-faceted challenging environment
  • Proven commitment to attain delivery goals and personal goals as well as delivering client success
  • Thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement
  • A proven interest in technology
  • If you have experience of financial management, it would be a strong advantage


If you’d like to apply for this job, send your application into Gareth here

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DevOpsGroup Careers Recruiter Gareth

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Our need to adapt fast has never been greater which is why learning and growing is such an important part of our culture. While we are doing this, we also love to celebrate our individual successes as a team, there’s no glory in winning alone.

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