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DevOpsGroup Blog #WinOps preview #1 – The “Microsoft Track”

#WinOps preview #1 – The "Microsoft Track"

WinOps, the world’s only dedicated “DevOps on Windows” conference, returns to London for its 3rd year on the 20th & 21st of September at CodeNode.

This year we have a workshop day on the Wed 20th Sept and then the main conference on the Thursday 21st.

We have 4 tracks overall:

  1. “The Microsoft Track” – featuring speakers direct from Microsoft talking both Tech & Culture including Steve Murawski and Ken Hansen
  2. “The Case Study Track” – real-world case studies from organisations that have implemented DevOps in a Window world including Facebook, ASOS, Callcredit and more
  3. Tech Track #1 – featuring great talks on ARM, Terraform, Ansible, Chocolatey (direct from @FerventCoder!) and more
  4. Tech Track #2 – focusing on Data Devops as many people are struggling with DevOps & Data!

In this post I’m going to highlight what we’re calling the “Microsoft Track”, which includes the keynotes from Jeffrey Snover and Sam Guckenheimer.

In this track we’ll cover – Azure Stack, Microsoft own journey to DevOps, Azure Command line v2.0, Policy-driven infrastructure, containers, how Microsoft does SRE, and the evolution of ITIL into Modern Service Management. And this is just 1 of the four tracks!

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Empowering Devops with Azure Stack | Jeffrey Snover

Talk Description

Azure Stack is the first product in a new category – the hybrid cloud platform. It is a radical new product that you can think of as delivering the cloud equivalent of a SAN. Delivering a set of IaaS/PaaS Services, APIs, PowerShell and tooling experiences that are consistent with Azure allows it to run solutions from the Azure Marketplace. This allows companies to focus their dev and ops teams on the things that move their business forward, building applications which drive customer value.

This session focuses on what Azure Stack is and is not. It articulates the key values it delivers and use cases it enables.

Speaker Bio

Jeffrey Snover is a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and the Chief Architect for the Azure Infrastructure and Management team. Snover is the inventor of Windows PowerShell, an object-based distributed automation engine, scripting language, and command line shell. Snover joined Microsoft in 1999 as divisional architect for the Management and Services Division, providing technical direction across Microsoft’s management technologies and products.

Moving 70,000 Microsofties to DevOps on the Public Cloud | Sam Guckenheimer

Talk Description

This is the story of transforming Microsoft to One Engineering System with a globally distributed 24x7x365 service on the public cloud. We’ll show you round the system that handles the load of some of the most demanding engineering teams in the world and share some stories about how they got there.

Speaker Bio

Sam Guckenheimer is the Product Owner for the Microsoft Visual Team Services and Team Foundation Server. In this capacity, he acts as the chief customer advocate, responsible for strategy of the next releases of these products, focusing on DevOps, Agile and Application LifeCycle Management.

Azure CLI 2.0 deep dive | Neil Peterson

Talk Description

Azure has a new Command Line Interface, the Azure CLI 2.0. This powerful tool provides cross platform provisioning, management, and automation capabilities for Azure services with an easy to understand interface. In this session we will start with the basics and work our way towards complex end to end Azure deployments using the Azure CLI 2.0. Regardless if you work on a Mac, Windows, or Linux system, this session will get you ramped on managing Azure with the CLI 2.0

Speaker Bio

Neil Peterson is a datacenter and cloud enthusiast. With 15 years’ experience in large datacenter deployment, management and maintenance operations, Neil now works as a Senior content developer with Microsoft delivering technical documentation with focus on Azure and Containers.

Test Driven Development of Policy Driven Infrastructure | Steven Murawski

Talk Description

Dev is the new Ops!

While Google tasked specially skilled developers, known as Site Reliability Engineers, to operate their infrastructure, those less looking like unicorns pasturing on a greenfield should learn the lessons and start treating their infrastructure like code.

Following last year’s introduction to ‘The Release Pipeline Model’, we will cover in more details the testing and building of highly cohesive, loosely coupled infrastructure artefacts, allowing the reduction of change scopes in turn reducing complexity and risk, promoting changes through rings to improve success rate and repeatability, and tools and techniques to improve quality and velocity, ensuring a continuous improvement of your infrastructure. Although the principles can be applied to your tools set of choice, we will focus on testing on two configuration management platforms – Chef and DSC.

We will use community tools (Test-Kitchen, Inspec, and Pester), along with cloud services (including ARM Templates, Azure Automation, Azure DevTestLabs, and Visual Studio Team Services). You will see the commonalities and differences in creating and modifying Policy-Driven infrastructure while driving down risk, decreasing MTTR, and increasing stability.

Speaker Bio

Steven is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Steven focuses on helping make developers and IT Ops effective with Azure. You can find out more about Steven on his blog.

Bring your own container (BYOC) – running your containers on Microsoft Azure | Marcus Robinson

Talk Description

Containers provide excellent application portability, often summarised as “Build Once, Run Anywhere”. During this session we will build simple Windows and Linux containers and discuss and demonstrate some of the options for running your containers on Microsoft Azure. We will compare and contrast the following services :

  • Azure Container Instances
  • Azure Container Service – Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, DCOS
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Azure Batch
  • Azure Web Apps on Linux

At the end of the session you will be better placed to choose the most appropriate solutions for running your container workloads on Azure.

Speaker Bio

I am a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft who helps organisations to implement DevOps practices on Microsoft Azure. When not working with customers I travel the country speaking about DevOps practices with the IT community.

Joining Microsoft provided the ideal opportunity for me to concentrate on what I enjoy – working with and talking about the latest technologies. Prior to working with Microsoft I spent 12 years running an IT services provider delivering enterprise infrastructure consultancy and was an instructor and course author for Learning Tree International.

DevOps at Microsoft Cloud Services | Kenneth Hansen

Talk Description

Overview and examples of how Microsoft has leveraged DevOps practices and principles to create its Cloud Services such as O365, Bing, Exchange and others. We will also drill down into specific “oops” and adjustments we made as we took a Cloud Service with 100s of millions of users to a DevOps model.

Speaker Bio

Kenneth has been the Lead Principal Program Manager for PowerShell for the past 14 years; and has recently shifted to deep dive into DevOps and CloudOps. Prior to PowerShell, at Microsoft, Kenneth has also worked on IP Telephony, BackOffice, Exchange Apps, and Provisioning. Before Microsoft, Kenneth led software development for MasPar, a manufacturer of Massively Parallel Computers and even earlier worked in AI and compiler teams in various Startups.

Evolve Cloud Operations and Enable Agile with Modern Service Management | Kathleen Wilson

Talk Description

Hybrid cloud disrupts IT with not so obvious roles, responsibilities, and activities. Legacy ITSM practices and siloed IT teams are challenged to adopt and gain immediate value of Cloud. Organizations must evolve conventional thinking and transition to modern service management practices, inclusive of Agile and DevOps, aimed at accelerating digital transformation. Microsoft Modern Service Management was conceived with this is mind, taking leading-edge value based approach to service management that helps organizations unlock the value of their Microsoft Cloud investment. This session shares how Microsoft’s Customers have benefitted from adopting MSM Principles and how you modernize your IT practices.

Speaker Bio

Kathleen Wilson is an Architect at Microsoft for the Cloud and Infrastructure Management Center of Excellence, focusing on developing solutions for management and adoption of Private, Hybrid, Public Clouds and DevOps. Kathleen’s strengths lie in understanding what is needed to adopt, support and operation solutions either on premise or in the cloud. Kathleen has over 21 years of experience in IT and has worked in IT Operations and Consulting. Prior to her Architect role, Kathleen was a consultant in Microsoft Consulting Services Canada who focused on assisting Customers with the adoption of Microsoft products, Service Manager, Service Management and Private Cloud.

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