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DevOpsGroup Blog WinOps 2019 Talks - Orchestrate workflows with ASP.NET Core and Azure Durable Functions

WinOps 2019 Talks – Orchestrate workflows with ASP.NET Core and Azure Durable Functions

Another great talk on the agenda for WinOps 2019 is “Orchestrate workflows with ASP.NET Core and Azure Durable Functions” by Marco De Sanctis. You can follow them on Twitter at @crad77


Orchestrating durable workloads is full of pitfalls: handling errors, managing state, supporting user inputs are just some of the aspects that make such task all but trivial. Azure Durable Functions promise to simplify all this, allowing us to run long-lasting workflows in a serverless infrastructure on the cloud, which takes care of the infrastructure for us, so we can focus on the logic. This talk will demonstrate some sample scenarios, and demonstrate how we can effectively integrate functions with a web application based on ASP.NET Core

Audience Level: mid

Category: azure

More about Marco

My name is Marco and I have an incredible passion for technology which I had the privilege to turn into a job. I’ve been working with .NET since the first beta, focusing on ASP.NET and, more generally, anything that is web-related. I’ve been an early adopter of Microsoft Azure (who remembers the portal in Silverlight? 🙂 ) and, since its introduction, Cloud technologies have represented the core of my professional interest. Today I work as a freelance Solutions Architect in the beautiful London, focusing on Cloud transformation. Getting involved in the .NET and Azure community is also a key aspect of my profession: I’m convinced that knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to improve our professional skills, and therefore I try to dedicate as much time as I can to activities such as writing articles or speaking at conferences and meetups. Thanks to that, I’ve been awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the last 9 years in a row

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