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DevOpsGroup Blog WinOps 2019 Talks - Moving from project to product: beyond the hype

WinOps 2019 Talks – Moving from project to product: beyond the hype

Another great talk on the agenda for WinOps 2019 is “Moving from project to product: beyond the hype” by Ed Pearson from DevOpsGroup. You can follow them on Twitter at @edwardpearson


Over recent years the project to product movement has been gaining traction within the IT industry.  Projects are increasingly being demonised and Products portrayed as the saviour but what does it actually mean for IT Teams?  In this talk, we lift the covers on the Project to Product movement and help you understand:

  • What is actually wrong with Projects?
  • How do Products make things better?
  • How does this apply to an Ops world?
  • Where to start!

Audience Level: beginner

Category: transformation

More about Ed

Ed Pearson is a Product Manager at DevOpsGroup. He”s a versatile and experienced Product Manager. Skilled in Product Development, Agile, DevOps, Delivery Management, and Project Management. Passionate about building amazing products and empowered teams. 

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