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DevOpsGroup Blog WinOps 2019 Talks - Azure DevOps for the IT Pro

WinOps 2019 Talks – Azure DevOps for the IT Pro

Another great talk on the agenda for WinOps 2019 is “Azure DevOps for the IT Pro” by Barbara Forbes from SCCT. You can follow her on Twitter at @Ba4bes


Azure DevOps is a great tool for software development processes and deployment. But what about the IT Pro? In the last year, Azure DevOps has been developed into a product that can provide great use for teams of IT Pro’s when working with PowerShell, ARM Templates and Azure Resources. It can take your daily work from a few scripts on your local drive to an enterprise solution that is auditable, secure and well documented. 

In this session, we will take a look at the possibilities that Azure DevOps has to offer if you are an IT Pro. We will see the resources for teamwork, the different kind of connections with Azure and the use cases for cloud engineers. With some practical demo’s, real-world examples and guidance you will be able to get started yourself right after the session.

Audience Level: beginner

Category: tools

More about Barbara

Barbara is an ICT Consultant and MCT at SCCT in the Netherlands.

Her daily work includes Azure, Office 365, Windows Server and automation in various ways. Her main focus is PowerShell, Infrastructure as Code and Azure DevOps.

She has used her blog to try to make those technologies approachable for everyone.

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