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DevOpsGroup Blog WinOps 2019 Talks - automated software and configuration deployment using PowerShell and Chocolatey

WinOps 2019 Talks – automated software and configuration deployment using PowerShell and Chocolatey

Another great talk on the agenda for WinOps 2019 is “automated software and configuration deployment using PowerShell and Chocolatey” by Manfred Wallner from KS Engineers. You can follow them on Twitter at @schusterfredl


*”Setting up Windows boxes has been a quite cumbersome task for way to long.”*

This talk will be about common issues with ‘drifting state’ of development-box and build server setups among larger teams.

System setup automation using PowerShell and Chocolatey are presented as one viable solution to minimize the effort needed to take a host from zero to hero in practically no time.

A large software setup containing more than 100 different tools will be taken as example for how this approach can speed up deployments and configuration (from days to hours).

The talk includes core concepts on how to work with Chocolatey Boxstarter and a couple of ‘everyday-useful’ snippets.

~ because infrastructure automation should be like playing LEGOs, putting block upon block to create a larger structure ~

This talk covers

  • golden images & drifting state in development environments
  • the risks on fully relying on the cloud
  • system setup automation using Boxstarter
  • PowerShell automation basics / snippets & ideas

This talk does NOT cover

  • no Star Wars memes

What’s in the box

  • PowerShell
  • Chocolatey & Boxstarter
  • ProGet
  • E(L)K

Audience Level: mid

Category: tools

More about Manfred

Manfred is a software developer at [ksengineers]( in Graz, Austria.

In the last 10 years, he’s been involved in a variety of projects including work for TV-broadcasting providers, research and development, performance analysis and optimization in automotive engineering as well as software deployment & configuration automation. Considering himself a Linux-advocate, he really does enjoy his Chocolatey and PowerShell-driven PC at work

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