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DevOpsGroup Blog This week in DevOps #4

This week in DevOps #4

State of the Union

This week saw the publication of the “2013 State of DevOps” report from PuppetLabs. It’s a pretty in-depth survey of over 4,000 IT Operations professionals and Developers, which highlights an understanding of the state of DevOps today.

Key Findings

  • 63% of organizations implementing DevOps saw improved quality of software deployment, with 50% seeing fewer failures in production – Software bugs in production have always been expensive in-comparison to early stages of the SDLC, but today bugs are becoming increasingly more expensive to fix and their impact greater with the adoption of Cloud. Adopting a DevOps model, where Development and Operations combine to take greater ownership of the software delivery process and software quality is already starting to show benefits to organisations who have adopted it. It’s also important to note, that the research shows organizations implementing DevOps are likely to be able to fix production problems 12 times faster than organizations that don’t.
  • Organizations implementing DevOps are 5 times more likely to be high-performing businesses – The report defines high-performing organizations as those with the capability to deploy critical applications quickly without disrupting service. This is further categorized by organizations that deploy frequently with less change lead time and failure and have a lower mean-time to recover. Adopting a DevOps model was shown to improve all of these characteristics significantly and showed continued improvement over time.
  • 75% increase in demand for DevOps skills in the last year – The report found that DevOps skills were broadly in 4 categories; Coding/Scripting, People Skills, Process Re-Engineering and specific experience with “DevOps” tools. e.g. infrastructure automation. The overall head-line figure is a good one. More companies are looking for more people with skills to help them implement DevOps.  However, the report highlights the growing debasement of the term.  “DevOps” as a skill adverts on LinkedIn increased by 50 percent in the same time period. Recruiters are certainly jumping on the buzz word band wagon. We asked Gene Kim for his thoughts on this, and were surprised by his response;
  • “I’m ok w/ DevOps in job postings & LinkedIn profiles. It’s a great signal to match buyers/sellers of a needed skill” – @RealGeneKim
  • 48% indicated the value of DevOps wasn’t understood outside of their group – This reason was believed to be the biggest difficulty in implementing DevOps. Cultural factors are still seen as the biggest barriers to DevOps adoption. The report identifies improved communication as one of the best methods for overcoming DevOps adoption barriers.  We believe that there are 4 further key elements that can help to break down the barriers;  Build Trust, Create Champions, Build Confidence and Celebrate Success.

What we found this week

  • DevOps for Windows Azure – a comprehensive set of resources for DevOps teams wanting to deploy and support applications in Windows Azure.
  • DevOps: What’s All the Hype Really About? – A concise 60 second summary (unless your a slow reader) of DevOps with some interesting points for discussion raised. Two questions to ask yourself, So Everyone LOVES DevOps Right? and is DevOps Worth Pushing in My Organization?
  • DevOps and Cloud Management –  RightScale’s Cloud Evangelist Uri Budnik and Blackhawk Network’s Arindam Mukherjee give a real-world use case on using DevOps and RightScale to cut the time it takes to provision a spec environment by over 80%.

Tweets of the Week

2 thoughts on “This week in DevOps #4

  1. Hi, guys — keep up the great work! I just wanted to take a moment to address more fully my reaction to the notion of “DevOps” increasingly showing up on LinkedIn and recruiter pitches, etc. (140 characters is very limiting. 🙂
    The joke in every Velocity Conference or DevOps meetup is that “everyone is hiring.” There’s no doubt in my mind that the demand for people with a DevOps mindset, ability to span the Dev and Ops boundary, with the cultural fit and experience is far outstripping supply. You hear this everywhere!
    I think it’s awesome that we now have a term for what employers are looking for, and now IT professionals know what it being valued in the marketplace, and can seek out the meetups, peer groups and mentoring it takes to become a “DevOps professional.”
    That’s what a meant by “DevOps” in LinkedIn profile being a signal — it helps match people hiring with people who want to be hired. Now it’s just caveat emptor — in the hiring process, one needs to spot the fakers.
    Frankly, I’d be ecstatic if ten years from now, every IT job has “DevOps” in the job description in it. That would mean the IT revolution really did occur, and that’s great for everyone.
    Thank you for the soapbox!
    Gene Kim

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