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DevOpsGroup Blog The secret of #DevOps success isn't in the IT literature (yet)!

The secret of #DevOps success isn’t in the IT literature (yet)!

Can you find “DevOps Success” by reading only IT literature?
The answer is “mostly No, but a little bit Yes”, for a number of reasons.
The main reason is that many of the blogs, whitepapers and webinars around DevOps are ultimately about technology and toolchains. Whilst they might reference the DevOps C.A.L.M.S model in passing the conversation is generally focussed on the A for Automation and the M for Metrics.

The seminal Phoenix Project did talk about organisational culture as did Mandi Wall’s O’Reilly ebook on Building a DevOps Culture.
But what both of those books have in common is that they drew extensively from non-IT business literature.

Goldratt’s “The Goal” & TOC, Systems Thinking, Lean manufacturing, Deming and Kanban being major influences on the Phoenix project, and Mandi’s e-book drawing on business-centric cultural/organisational change literature.

“Searching on the Harvard Business Review website for “cultural change” will get you 60+ publications going back nearly 30 years” – Mandi Walls

“Lean Manufacturing”, “Strategic Alignment”, “Organisational Change”, “Culture”, “Business Transformation” and many other topics have been staples of the MBA curriculum in business schools for many years and there is a wealth of resources available online to explore. Reading beyond the IT literature and exploring the wider business context for your DevOps Transformation will, we believe, significantly increase your chances of getting business buy-in and having a successful outcome to your DevOps change programme.

In order to make this easier for you we (@DevOpsGuys) will be publishing a weekly blog post exploring an area of business literature and how it can be used in DevOps.

We’re call it the #DevOpsMBA 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The secret of #DevOps success isn’t in the IT literature (yet)!

  1. Hi T.O.M.
    I would agree there isn’t a lot of literature on success stories about DevOps out there and the few everyone’s reading and talking about are more one-offs than the norm. The truth, there are more DevOps failures then successes because people are trying to force it to fit into their existing broken IT cultures. I’ve experienced it multiple times as a mandate, you will do DevOps! I to am an OPS manager and have struggled with the same problems Gene writes about in his book. The secret is, some get it, and some don’t!
    Another OPS Manager…

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