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DevOpsGroup Blog The benefits of using an #APM solution while performance testing

The benefits of using an #APM solution while performance testing

DevOpsGuys presented at an NCC Group customer event yesterday on “The benefits of using an APM solution while performance testing”.

We gave a 30min overview presentation talking about “what is APM”, the APM marketplace and what we see as the 4 key benefits of using APM tools while load testing.

1. See the Big Picture (Systems Thinking)

2. Drill down to the details

3. Faster Iteration = Better Value

4. Stop the “Blame Game”

We also did a 1hr 15min “live demo” workshop of load testing using NCC Group’s load testing platform against a demo e-commerce website that was instrumented with the AppDynamics APM tool.

Overall the feedback from the day was very positive and it was great to see so many people passionate about performance!

The slide decks from the day are below!

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[slideshare id=31981629&doc=devopsguys-nccgroup-performancetesting-and-apm-corona-and-limev3-140306040950-phpapp02]

[slideshare id=31981624&doc=devopsguys-nccgroup-performancetesting-and-apm-workshop-140306040944-phpapp01]

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