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DevOpsGroup Blog Real life journeys to operational maturity

Real-life journeys to operational maturity

A few weeks ago, we blogged about the importance of tech scale-ups focusing on the operational maturity of applications. During rapid growth it’s easy to neglect the underlying infrastructure as energy is directed towards new features that delight customers and users.

However, over time, problems can arise if an application’s foundations aren’t strong or sophisticated enough to handle increased demand.

A lack of operational maturity often becomes apparent in outages or errors that are hard to identify and take a long time to fix. The best way to resolve these issues is by rearchitecting the platform so it’s primed to support growth. A strategic, phased approach is usually the best way forward. It’s about prioritising improvements that advance operability in useful ways which enhance the customer experience. Similarly, if an application is moving to the cloud, it presents an ideal opportunity to introduce DevOps approaches that reduce the complexity and toil of operations.

Operational maturity stories

We regularly work with tech scale-ups and fast-growth companies that recognise the need for operational maturity but lack the resource for it in-house. Our cloud and DevOps engineers work as an extension of their teams, providing technical support and guidance where it’s needed most.

Here are a few success stories from 2020:

Wealthify an online investing service focused on making investing easy

Wealthify’s transition from start-up to scale-up meant the underlying IT infrastructure had to evolve to support business growth. Our cloud engineering support ensured the core platform had the necessary scalability. We work closely with the Wealthify team to prioritise areas for ongoing improvement as business and IT requirements change.

“DevOpsGroup’s cloud engineers have not just maintained our performance, they’ve improved it. They’re like an extension of our own team and continually raise the bar on operational maturity as our business grows.”

Michael Ashford, Chief Technology Officer, Wealthify

Read the full Wealthify case study.

S3Bubble an OTT (Over The Top) media streaming service 

S3Bubble needed to reduce manual labour surrounding day-to-day service delivery. Following an AWS Well-Architected Review, our engineers introduced an automated approach to expand and scale capacity according to use. It enabled the business to improve reliability, security and performance. What’s more, enhanced user insights will underpin future customer-focused innovation.

Read the full S3Bubble case study.

Delio innovative white-label technologies for private investments

This fintech scale-up needed to enable faster, more reliable software development. The plan was to migrate from the legacy virtual instances to AWS EKS and evolve the monolithic core application into a microservices architecture. We helped make the transition quick, easy and effective with a containerisation approach. This rapid modernisation has advanced Delio’s capabilities, giving it the confidence to engage with larger financial companies.

“We knew a microservices architecture was needed to speed up software development. But we simply didn’t have the capacity to accomplish the transition quickly enough. DevOpsGroup turned the situation around, getting our technical capabilities ready to handle business growth and change.”

Martin Spicer, Chief Product Officer, Delio

Read the full Delio case study.

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