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Pipeline 2015


A couple of weeks ago, we sent a crack squad of DevOps ninjas (plus marketing unicorn) down to London to attend Pipeline Conf, a one-day not-for-profit ‘unconference’ event focused on Continuous Delivery. Two of our team (James Betteley and Matthew Macdonald-Wallace) were speaking at the conference, and it gave the rest of us a chance to see what other people were doing in this space and chat with them about the problems they were facing. It also gave us the chance to give people our snazzy new free DevOpsGuys t-shirts!

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Linda Rising delivered an excellent keynote about “Fearless Change” and how to encourage colleagues to adopt new ideas and technologies (and dare I mention it, new “cultures”) in your organisation, whilst dispelling a number of myths about how we communicate with each other, including that “facts and reason” matter far less than how enthusiastic you are about a project. Linda also pointed out that sometimes the best thing to do is stay quiet and let someone who disagrees with you argue themselves around to your point of view, although she was quick to point out that this doesn’t always work!

First up after Linda’s keynote was James Betteley, who delivered an experience report on doing Continuous Delivery with Legacy code. It was a well-attended session with lots of great questions and feedback from the audience. The main points to take away from this talk were:

  • Tackle legacy thinking before tackling legacy code
  • Don’t worry if your testing pyramid looks more like a testing rectangle
  • Automate all of the things

The video for this session is now available online, so you can watch James do his thing as if you were actually there (just remember not to ask questions at the end, coz he won’t hear you).

Whilst James delivered his presentation on Continuous Delivery with Legacy Code a couple of us crept away to watch @pr0bablyfine and @benjiweber discuss “Testing in Production”.  It turns out that they had very similar ideas to our own when it comes to using Monitoring Driven Development and showed that by running your functional tests against your production environment you can ensure that you get results you can trust when it comes to application performance.  This led to a dangerously productive post-talk conversation in the corridor about how our views were aligned, and we had some discussion about promoting Monitoring Driven Development in future, so watch this space

Matthew  – @proffalken – then delivered his talk on “Pipelines for Systems Administrators”.  This was also a well-attended session that generated some interesting questions. His talk focused on the advantages of having a deployment pipeline for testing changes to server configuration, using your existing monitoring toolset.

The event was a great chance to meet some like-minded professionals and to share ideas, tips, tools and knowledge across the industry. Can’t wait for Pipeline 2016!

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