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Onboarding at DevOpsGroup

So what is Onboarding?

We get a number of questions when people are considering joining us, the main one being – what is so special about life at DevOpsGroup (DOG)? Although we are awesome for a number of reasons, one thing which definitely makes us stand out is our onboarding process, and this is definitely something which we need to shout about!

Not many people have heard of ‘onboarding’, but at DevOpsGroup onboarding is all about making Day one really feel like Day two.

On a basic level this is a two-week window, where you, as our newest team member, get up to speed on all you need to know. It covers tools, ways of working, meeting the team and lots more.

We don’t see this as just training, to us this is much more of an investment in our newest team members. We understand that as exciting a time starting a new job is, there is also a lot of nerves that come with it and we want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible and set up to succeed in your new role within these two weeks. This is where our onboarding process kicks in…

Onboarding at DevOpsGroup

Once you have accepted a role with DOG you will almost immediately be contacted by our Onboarding Associate, Stuart Hastings, for an initial introduction and welcome video call. Whilst this is a place for Stu to answer any initial questions or queries, it’s also just a really nice opportunity to have a chat!

Following this initial call, and prior to your start date, the onboarding team are busy getting ready for your two-week visit to our Head Office in Cardiff. This really is a team effort. Sophie O will be arranging all travel and accommodation for you. Nathan and our interns (Katherine, Iwan and Ross) will be helping with system access and getting your equipment ready. Finally, our People Team (Lucy and Ryan) will be arranging all other logistics. Everyone really does get stuck in to make sure it is as seamless as possible from your first day.

Throughout our interview process we always make sure you have met a number of the team and to build upon this we will also invite you to our monthly DOG Conference in Cardiff to get to know the rest of us before starting. Over some food, drinks and team exercises you will be introduced to your line manager and the wider DOG team – such a good way to get to know everyone!

When you start with us

Finally, when Day 1 arrives, you should hopefully feel like you already know a few friendly faces and know your way around the office. You will be greeted with a ‘DOG swag bag’, your new equipment and shown to a reserved seat and from there the next two weeks will be working with Stu and the team to get to grips with DOG ways of working.

At the end of the two weeks, you will be given the opportunity to provide feedback in the form of a retrospective. We have an evolving onboarding process and encourage new starters to ‘pay it forward’ to the next intake, being actively involved in helping improve this process further.

We believe this ‘soft landing’ into a new role at DOG is critical to having happy and productive team members; and it really works!

Don’t just hear it from us though, we asked our newest Client Success Manager (CSM) Matt Wasley-Wood what he thought about the whole process…

From the moment I accepted my offer I was impressed with how things were done at DOG. I had a three month notice period from my previous employer and DOG kept in touch with me during that time, through video calls and emails which was a great start. Ahead of my first day in Cardiff all travel plans and accommodation were booked and confirmed meaning I knew where I needed to be and when.

Day one

Day one in the office for onboarding was brilliant, Stu (who runs onboarding) and everyone that I met made me feel very welcome. A desk had been reserved for me and all of my tech was ready, and I had a pack of books and other goodies to help me settle in and feel part of the team.

During the morning I was given a tour of the office and most importantly shown how to work the coffee machine! I was then given time to set up my laptop and review how the next few days would plan out. It was a nice relaxing morning and lots of people came over to introduce themselves and welcome me to DOG. At lunch time a group of us headed out for lunch which was a great way to get to know some of the team outside of the office.

The rest of the onboarding time

As the week progressed, I attended a number of sessions with Stu and other members of the team, these sessions were great and gave me a real insight into how DOG operates, how things are done (and why) and different teams. These sessions were spread out nicely across the week meaning I had plenty of free time to review and reflect on the information that was being given, read and explore the systems used at DOG and of course ask questions!

Over the course of onboarding there was a lot of information to take in but also a lot of great resources to refer back to in my own time.

During onboarding I was also able to get stuck in with team meetings and ceremonies very early on. This was really beneficial as, although not much made sense initially, it was great to start to understand how the team work together and the type of things they were working on.

Since my first day I’ve been really impressed with DOGs remote first policy and how inclusive all remote workers are treated and the tech we use to make sure everyone feels part of the team and can collaborate effectively.

The onboarding experience overall was the best I’ve had, nothing was too much trouble for Stu and the whole team at DOG. Stu was great at checking in with me and making sure I had everything I needed to make the process as easy as possible and that I wasn’t feeling too overwhelmed with everything.

If you’re thinking of applying for a role at DOG, from my experience I’d highly recommend it!

Thinking about a career with us? Why not check out our careers page to learn more!

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