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DevOpsGroup Blog Moving with the times: roll with the punches

Moving with the times: roll with the punches

Everything is changing! It’s 2015 and the digital landscape already looks radically different compared to this time last year. 2014 brought a lot of changes to IT and the way we work online, so let’s look back on some of the things we learned and use them to make 2015 a year of change and innovation.

Tech Republic’s 10 IT lessons learned in 2014 article tells us that:

At the end of 2014, application maintenance was no different than it was at the end of 1984. IT application staffs are still spending more than half their time maintaining existing application code bases. This leaves less time for development when the demand for new apps is at unparalleled levels 

But what if CEOs stopped spending time and money firefighting growing issues within software and web applications and implemented a crucial cultural change in the way the business is run as a whole? Adopting a DevOps approach could be the way to move managing application maintenance issues into the 21st century.

Here are 3 DevOps services that could transform the way you run your business in 2015:

Application Performance Management (APM)

Customers today expect instant response times, a simple, stress-free online experience and 100% availability. Implementing APM tools and processes will help to repair root causes of application performance issues before your customers encounter them and can reduce the cost of fixing the problems later on down the line, when they’ve impacted on your other processes and services.
DevOpsGuys operate along the CALMS principals. APM tools can help to automate processes that would usually require human interaction and allows you to monitor your Metrics and your customers’ online behaviour. This means you can speed up your response time and tailor your software and strategies to meet the exact needs and expectations of your audience

Continuous Delivery

Adopting continuous delivery will streamline your software delivery process, so that you can get new features and software to market faster and more reliably. It can reduce your deployment costs, pick up problems quickly and ship code up to 50% faster – seriously it could change your life…read more

Understanding your DevOps Maturity

If you’ve decided that a DevOps approach is the way to go it’s important to understand how far along the way your business currently is. Are your testing, building and management processes carried out manually? Are you constantly battling just to keep your website running as usual? There’s a lot we can do to help you. Take our maturity assessment to find out exactly where you stand and how we can help you optimise your business in 2015

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