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“Is your organisational culture ready for #DevOps?”

“What would you say are the primary indicators that your organisational culture is ready for DevOps?” was a question Sean Ferigan (@ferigan) posed at the recent Rackspace DevOps Breakfast Briefing.

This short (48s!) answer was filmed after the panel to try and give a (very) quick answer.

So basically you’re in fertile ground for DevOps if you’re seeing a “push/pull” model

  • “push” from below where technical staff are keen to try DevOps tools & technology (going to DevOpsDays, doing “skunk works” DevOps projects etc) and
  • “pull” from the Business to deliver business value via technology faster & faster (time-to-market acceleration)

I’d particularly say that if you’re seeing high levels of Shadow IT then you’ve got a great “pull” signal that you have to start doing things differently before you become irrelevant to your organisation.

5 thoughts on ““Is your organisational culture ready for #DevOps?”

  1. Hey, mate — I hope all goes well with you!
    Can I provide you a complementary pass to DevOps Enterprise Summit? We’d all benefit from your brilliance being present!
    Cheers! Gene

    1. Sounds awesome, I’d love to be there! Sorry I haven’t got back via email, life has been crazy, I will reply now!

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