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DevOpsGroup Blog How DevOpsGroup and the BCS are helping the next generation

How DevOpsGroup and the BCS are helping the next generation

Ethan Sumner, is the youngest person to complete our BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps, and one of the first to complete the qualification online. We caught up with Ethan to find out what he thought about the course, and his future aspirations…

How did you hear about DevOpsGroup and what attracted you to get in touch?

I originally found out about DevOpsGroup, when I was browsing the internet for job opportunities. As soon as the first page loaded on the DevOpsGroup website, I was instantly attracted due to the simplistic design and incorporation of artwork. This showed me that DevOpsGroup really cared about their image and website which I loved. This led me to want to read about what DevOpsGroup does and what they can offer.

I was really impressed by their partner status with AWS and Microsoft. I could tell that it was a very highly regarded company from early on. As I read on, I was bought in even more by the brilliant culture and ethos. This came through strongly on their website, blogs and events. I then reached out to the People Team to enquire about potential opportunities for work.

What happened after you got in touch with DevOpsGroup?

After I initially sent my email, I was not really expecting a reply back as most companies don’t. Despite this initial doubt, I received an email back pretty quickly from Sophie Canning who was happy to listen to my story on wanting to become a DevOps Engineer. After this, Sophie continued to be a massive help.  A meeting was arranged promptly with James Harvey, the head of DevOpsGroup Academy. During my call with James, he gave me a lot of career advice which definitely helped a bunch. Specifically his advice about choosing paths for my chosen career. James also offered me an opportunity to do the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps to kick start my career. This enabled me to gain an industry recognised certification in my chosen field. Not many my age would get this opportunity, so it has been a huge help!

From the start, everyone at DevOpsGroup has been amazing to me. I have been given solid advice and they paid for my certification as well. I could not have asked for anything better from a company!

How was your experience with the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps?

When doing the course, I was given the option to do it at home – online. This enabled me to do the course in the comfort of my bedroom without having to travel to Wales (Where DevOpsGroup is headquartered) or other locations in the UK for a training course. Doing the course online also gave me the ability to study around my life. It gave me the ability to do extra research on aspects of the course when learning it.

The online course was well laid out on an easy to navigate E-learning platform. The different styles of teaching is a great idea as it gives people the chance to learn in their preferred style. As a more visual learner myself, after reading the content, the videos of Daisy Dev and Ops Oliver were useful in the sense that it gave me a practical view of the content. The use of the support documents and research tasks were great too. They enabled me to use them to revise for the exam and they were well laid out for future reference. When taking the exam, again, I had the ability to complete this in the comfort of my home. The BCS were very good at sending links to software to download and had very clear instructions on how to sit the exam. 

“What an incredible achievement! When I first spoke to Ethan to offer some career advice, I was instantly impressed by the drive and focus from someone so young. For him to then tackle an industry recognised training course and obtain his DevOps certification with us is remarkable and will no doubt give him a substantial head start when he starts pursuing employment. Well done, Ethan!”

James Harvey, Head of the DevOps Academy

What are your future career aspirations now?

After taking the BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps, I feel like I have been given the fundamentals and platform in which I can base my next step of learning. I plan to start learning AWS in a lot more depth and I have since gained access to the AWS Educate Platform by Amazon. Next year, after completing my year at college, I will hopefully find a level 4 apprenticeship in DevOps which was recently launched by HMRC. I have a huge passion for security, so hopefully I can specialise in SecOps in the next five years. Eventually, I will move on to be a solution architect after that. It is safe to say though, DevOpsGroup have been a massive help in directing me. The advice and help I have received has definitely set me in good steed for the future!

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