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DevOpsGroup Blog My First Month at DevOpsGuys (DOG)…

My First Month at DevOpsGuys (DOG)…

Written by Agile Coach, Georgie Hopkinson

Thinking about a new career at DOG or just curious to hear what it’s like for a new starter in the exciting world of DevOpsGuys? Then read on.

If I’m completely honest it has been a bit of a whirlwind, but stay with me, and I’ll try and run you through the highlights!

The first few hours

To start with I was introduced to everyone in the office, one by one shaking the hands of other DOG’s as I nervously shuffle through the office awkwardly smiling and hoping that I am making the ‘right’ impression. (A big benefit of this company being only a few years old, and the culture being of top importance, is that everyone remembers what it was like when they first joined and they all just want to make you feel incredibly welcome… I don’t think I went more than 2 hours without someone asking how I’m getting on and if I want help with anything.)

I was then shown to my desk and given some time to get myself set up. There was a large brown bag with the DOG logo stamped on, inside I found a DOG branded notebook, a t shirt and various other bits and bobs. I also had a brand new, sealed MacBook Pro. This was definitely a highlight… see above for the generic Instagram photo of my desk.

The first few days

Lucy the lovely office manager made sure my calendar had a variety of useful presentations scheduled in and tactically spaced out so as not to drown me in information.

The one presentation that really caught my attention was on OKR’s. I thought brilliant, why don’t all companies do this? If you haven’t heard of them then give them a google (which ironically also use OKR’s for their employees). I’ve come from a large financial services company where objectives were set yearly with no clear connection between them and the company wide objectives. So, as an Agile Coach anything with a shorter timescale allowing greater focus on delivering value to the company is fine by me!

I also got to meet Ryan our People Partner who explained that he would really appreciate any feedback on the onboarding process as they are constantly looking to improve… again this definitely brought them some brownie points from an Agile empirical enthusiast!

DevOpsGuys Events

Before I had even joined DOG, after I had accepted my job offer, I was invited along to their summer party ‘DOGFest’! This event was absolutely amazing and the fact the invite included family and friends was a huge demonstration of their values as a company.

It has often frustrated me in the past how companies are so reluctant to spend money on team bonding activities, or even just a team lunch. It really demonstrates a tremendous lack of awareness of the benefits that these types of events can generate. As Henry Ford once said ‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’

As well as this I’ve attended DOG Gathering which happens on the last Thursday of every month, this is a whole day of learning about what happened this month, what’s going to be happening next month and then to finish of the day, Steve and James (CEO and CTO) take everyone out for a lovely dinner which often leads to a few drinks!

As well as that there’s been a founder’s lunch which is a more intimate occasion where the new starters have a chance to get to know the founders of DOG a bit better and for them to get to know us.


I’m already working with one of their largest clients coaching one of their DevOps teams in Agile. Although this could be seen as being thrown in at the deep end, I learn best when I’m ‘hands-on’ so I’m really enjoying it! I’m on client site four days a week and am already seeing massive improvements in the way they are working which is really satisfying. I absolutely love my job, and being able to coach in a fun environment, with the endless support from other DOG’s has been wonderful.

So, what’s been the best bit?

I have to say the best part of this experience has been the free graze snacks and fully stocked drinks fridge… Jokes!!! Although that has been pretty nice! It’s been the people and the enthusiasm and passion that they bring to work. Dan Pink wrote

‘Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.’

He says it is autonomy, mastery and purpose that motivate people, and from talking to the other DOG’s, these are certainly things that they have in abundance.

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