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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOpsGuys CTO Steve Thair interviews world renowned author Gene Kim

DevOpsGuys CTO Steve Thair interviews world renowned author Gene Kim

As part of the MVP Tech Days Online (Channel 9, February 2017) DevOpsGuys CTO Steve Thair interviewed world renowned author Gene Kim.

In a discussion entitled DevOps: to culture and beyond, Gene answers questions on his books, digital culture and digital transformation:

  1. Gene – can you start by giving us a bit of background on yourself and your research that lead to books like the Visible Ops Handbook, The Phoenix Project: A Novel of DevOps and the DevOps Handbook?
  2. You talk to a lot of organisations that have or are trying to implement DevOps approaches – what are the biggest challenges you think organisation face? What are the best cases studies for end-to-end DevOps transformation?
  3. The open-source community has been running large-scale, distributed open source projects for many years, with varying levels of success. What lessons do you think that large enterprises can take from the open-source community as part of their DevOps initiative?
  4. As part of our WinOps “DevOps in Windows” initiative we’ve been trying to spread the DevOps message amongst the Microsoft Windows user community. What challenges do you think people face on the Windows side of the OS fence? Or doesn’t OS really matter (#OSAgnostic)?
  5. At DevOpsGuys we frame DevOps as the “engine room of Digital Transformation” – a key ingredient in creating a “Digital Culture”. Do you agree with that view? Is looking at DevOps Transformation through the lens of Digital transformation the right way to help get the Business on board with your DevOps initiative?
  6. It seems that in every presentation I see on DevOps the Speaker always starts by saying “DevOps is about Culture” So what does a “DevOps Culture” mean to you? What are the key characteristics you’d like to see?
  7. In any transformation programme Leadership is crucial – how big is the challenge for senior IT leaders in leading a DevOps change programme? How high up does it need to go?
  8. What are three concrete things that everyone listening to the call can do, right now, to start embracing the DevOps way?

See the full interview below!

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