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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOpsGroup to present at Agile South Coast meet-up group

DevOpsGroup to present at Agile South Coast meet-up group

DevOpsGroup will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Ensuring Successful Cloud Adoption to Enable Agility’ at the Agile South Coast meet-up group on Tuesday 14th May, from 7-9pm. The venue is Cogeco Peer 1, 30 Town Quay in Southampton (SO14 2AQ).

The session will be led by the Co-Founder of DevOpsGroup, Steve Thair who is also a Microsoft Regional Director. Steve will take you through various cloud adoption frameworks and design principles promoted by both AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as real-world examples from DevOpsGroup’s client engagements.

As a company with clients and staff across the UK, DevOpsGroup are keen to support local meet-up groups: Agile South Coast is one example that was founded to create an Agile community to help individuals grow as ‘Agile champions’, whatever background or experience they start with.

DevOps is a natural extension of Agile, bringing Dev, Ops, and other IT functions together with the business to create a wider, cross-functional team that can deliver without barriers and achieve greater velocity. DevOpsGroup’s Transformation services take this to the next level by helping organisations to adopt a model which allows them to become more Agile as a business. Part of this requires the removal of blockers relating to accessing environments as and when required. Using the Cloud provides this flexibility and the presentation will explore its usage as an enabler for Agility.

If you are part of a team either leading or participating in a journey to the Cloud, this session will help you understand the context for your journey, the pitfalls you might face and how the Cloud is integral to unlocking successful Agile delivery.

To find out more details or to register for the event, click here. You can also follow the details of the event on Twitter.
We look forward to meeting you there!

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