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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOpsGroup is first Gold MSP for Datadog’s monitoring service

DevOpsGroup: DataDog’s 1st Gold MSP Partner in the UK

We’re excited to reveal that leading cloud-scale application monitoring service provider Datadog has appointed DevOpsGroup as its first Gold MSP Partner in the UK. This important development ensures our customers continue to benefit from the best tools and technologies on the market today.

Datadog offers cloud monitoring as a service. It brings together data from servers, containers, databases and third-party services to enable better observation of the entire DevOps stack.

This enhanced visibility enables us to improve customers’ infrastructure and application platforms as part of our next-gen cloud managed services. In doing so, we resolve performance issues more quickly, avoiding downtime and providing a better experience for our customers’ end users.

Great features, great flexibility

We looked at several options in our search for a monitoring solution provider to complement our managed operations service. Naturally, we needed a tool that could work with multiple cloud vendors, including hybrid solutions. But we also wanted something that could do more than simply alert us to struggling servers. We analysed all native tooling, as well as several third-party products. Ultimately, we found that Datadog was the most advantageous for us and our customers. It has the best feature set, which is continually evolving and growing. And it gives us the freedom to take any cloud product into our managed solution. This partnership represents a significant evolution of our managed services capabilities.

“We’re excited to have DevOpsGroup on board as our first Gold MSP in the UK. As a DevOps-native business ourselves, our organisations have great synergy. This partnership will help DevOpsGroup further enhance its support for organisations undergoing digital transformation and embedding DevOps ways of working.”

Adam Woolford, Partner Manager UK & I at Datadog

Bringing order to complexity

The stakes are high in the digital economy. Avoiding downtime is essential to prevent end users looking elsewhere for products and services. Using Datadog’s monitoring solution we can identify, isolate and rectify emerging performance issues quickly and strategically, despite the increasing scale and complexity of cloud-based environments.

Datadog’s Gold MSP accreditation is a milestone achievement for us. We are looking forward to helping our customers deliver more seamless and enjoyable experiences for their end users.

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