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DevOpsGroup Blog DevOps gets gamified - literally!

DevOps gets gamified – literally!

If you didn’t think that DevOps could reach the parts, other methodologies cannot reach – then think again.

We recently discovered Release! – a fun kickstarter project created by Alex Papadimouli – which is a card game about making software inspired by development strategies like Lean, Agile, and DevOps, and classic trick taking card games.

According to the beta rules, “The game is simple: manage cooperation and competition with other players across 10 hands (or “releases” as we call them) to score the most points. Each release is played the same, but the scoring rules change each time as you reveal new Tools & Methods. Your team needs to continuously respond to these strategic shifts in order to produce the best release possible.”

We love the customised practitioner cards. Release! will feature 12 practitioners who have made significant contributions to the software development community; folks like Patrick Debois, Dan North, and Jez Humble (which has to be our favourite so far!)

The kickstart project can be found at
Good luck to Alex with this project, we look forward to getting our delivery teams to battle out the best Release process over a beer and a bag of nuts!

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