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DevOpsGroup Blog #DevOps. Big in Japan. Apparently. The rise of #DevOps

#DevOps. Big in Japan. Apparently. The rise of #DevOps

DevOps is “Big in Japan“, apparently, or so it would seem from Google Trends!

I was reading an article on Mashable on “cool Google tools” and decided to have a play on Google Trends researching DevOps versus other trends (namely “Agile Development” and “continuous delivery”).

The graph below shows some interesting trends:

  1. The DevOps search term has exploded since 2010 to almost be as popular search term as “agile development”
  2. The popularity literally nearly went vertical in early 2013
  3. The rise is probably slightly steeper that the rise for “agile development” in the 2005-2006 period but generally shows some similarities in virality (based upon my Mark 1 eyeball interpretation of the graphs, if there are any statisticians out there that can be more accurate feel free!)
  4. “continuous delivery” is a laggard in comparison?
  5. DevOps is most popular in… Japan! (DevOpsGuys blog was actually being translated into Japanese at one point, not sure if that’s still happening or not).

DevOps is big in Japan?

5 thoughts on “#DevOps. Big in Japan. Apparently. The rise of #DevOps

  1. Everyone forgets Japan because the community is mostly English speaking, or at least English as a primary language, but consider how big the markets are in Asia and you have a real opportunity. I’ve just launched our devops blog in Japanese – – but there are big markets in China, India and other areas of Asia too. It’s not just English language that’s important!

    1. We have a native Japanese speaker with an IT background on retainer who’s working on translating articles and any ad-hoc phrases, like tweets etc. Took a while to find a good one, testing with various people and a Tokyo based proof-reader to verify the work.

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