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DevOpsGroup Blog Cocktails, Chatter and a whole lot of Culture

Cocktails, Chatter and a whole lot of Culture

— The Women of DevOpsGuys

As we all sat chatting, sharing food and drinks at our first Lean In Circle, the question arose:

“What is great about being a woman at DevOpsGuys?”

When life pops up or kids pop out everyone needs a bit of flexibility. We’ve all been there in one guise or another; kids to school, assemblies to go to, plumbers to fix a leak etc. It all gets in the way of work. But what about a world where these things co-exist with work? Where work is flexible to the world in which you live. That is what we have!

There is remote working, flexibility in where you work and when, and this is given freely. There is no look, no sigh, no tut when you rock up at 9.30 because you had to get the kids to school. It is just accepted, there is no guilt. We are all adults who respect that there is this thing called life so why not try and make life easier, not harder?

It is an open, honest and comfortable environment

Being an adult brings its own issues of course; every morning I have to get up and decide what to wear! Oh the choices… and the joy that I am allowed to make that choice. There is no dress code, there are no expectations – there is certainly no dictate to wear a heel of a certain height! If there was, we would all use our voice to let the people we work with understand how we felt. We are heard.

I go to our monthly company meetings and I’m proud that anyone and everyone is given a voice. We have no rockstars, we are all encouraged and in fact challenged to speak up and let everyone know your opinions because they matter. It is an open, honest and comfortable environment, like working with friends.

The Cocktails Continue…

By this stage of the evening we are slightly distracted by a few tasty cocktails and the stats from our International Women’s Day Tweets/Instagrams – we changed our company logo to DevOpsGirls! This made us feel empowered. Empowered to express ourselves; supported to to have ideas and carry them through to fruition. How many companies would agree to do that?

This is the classic DevOpsGuys approach because people matter

Anyway, enough of social media and back to our blog… this has led to the topic of fun. We love to have fun (as does everyone at DOG) and when arranging our Lean In meeting, it was the group consensus to combine good food with good cocktails and plenty of giggles. Personally, I think more companies should hold meetings in this way. It was another great gathering with a relaxed approach that brought out the best in the team – this is the classic DevOpsGuys approach because people matter.

As the conversation and laughs continue, we talk about our roles and day to day life. The sense of support and care we receive is a topic we all agree on; at DevOpsGuys there is a genuine feeling that the company hire the best people for the job, regardless of gender or ethnicity and this is refreshing and makes you feel valued for the right reasons. You really feel you have been selected for your skills, your brains and your ability to be a team player – not just a tick in a box to help HR stats. That’s a pretty amazing feeling to wake up to every morning.

The ‘C’ Word

So as the evening draws to an end, we agree that this is the C word: Culture. All of the above is our culture. A culture is created, it is nurtured. It requires many inputs and it takes work. We have company values that help to underpin all of this, they are promoted, visible and we all believe in them. They help guide us to behave in a way that works for everyone, they are not just empty words that are dug out when convenient.

This is my version of girl power and I love it

Is there more we could do as women in the company? I’m sure there is. There is always room to improve. But everything starts with a foundation, and I think ours is awesome! This is a place I want to be. I want to have a voice, be heard, be empowered, be trusted, be equal and to have a life that is not only important to me but important to those around me. This is my version of girl power and I love it. It’s not only great to be a woman at DevOpsGuys, it’s awesome!

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