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DevOpsGroup Blog Cardiff: Silicon Valley comes to Wales

Cardiff: Silicon Valley comes to Wales


We’ve been set up in Cardiff, South Wales for nearly six months now. Every week it becomes more and more apparent that this city is fast becoming an exciting IT and technical hub; an attractive area for emerging and experienced tech talent alike. The term ‘Silicwm Valley’ is being bandied about as more and more tech start-ups spring up in, or near, the city centre.

Companies like DevOpsGroup, Cardiff Start, Indycube, Method 4, BBC Cymru’s Roath Lock studios and a huge collection of digital and design agencies are choosing Cardiff as their base. It seems to be a logical step; the community is small enough to be interconnected, influential and supportive, but large enough to allow for the freedom to develop, expand and learn from the huge range of related industries in the immediate area.

With several major universities in and around the city the wealth of talent is growing and Cardiff is taking the reins and nurturing Welsh talent and ability; a very different picture from several years ago where work in Wales was hard to come by and the majority of experienced IT professionals were obliged to seek work further afield, in London or Cambridge.

Founder James Smith says:

“Cardiff has historically been built on industry, from the days of exporting coal. It’s also frequently voted one of the top places to live and work in the UK, so it’s no wonder that this tradition is developing and changing shape with the emergence of the tech industry – Cardiff is moving with the times.

“We’ve set up DevOpsGroup in Cardiff in order to be a part of this development. We wanted to provide opportunities for people in Wales – there’s so much skill here. Plus we are working with international companies and forming partnerships with industry giants across the world; this is a great opportunity to share some of the home-grown Welsh talent, create unique, fulfilling career opportunities and forge connections all over the world. It’s a really exciting time.”

The movement has been supported by the Welsh Government, with DevOpsGuys receiving funding to grow as a business and provide career opportunities in the Welsh capital. Meet-ups, tech events, talks and conferences all taking place in the city, give related, but wildly diverse businesses a chance to meet, mix, talk, share thoughts; ideas flow freely, business connections are forged easily and some new and interesting work is emerging. We’re excited about Agile Cymru – the first event of its kind in Cardiff – this summer.

There seems to be something new to see, do, read, visit, look at or enjoy every week! We’re excited to see where Cardiff will take the DevOpsGroup and the future of the UK tech industry.

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