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DevOpsGroup Blog Becoming GitHub Services Partner: What it means for your organisation

Becoming Official Services Partner of GitHub: What it means for your organisation

We are now an official Services Partner of GitHub and absolutely thrilled about it!

Essentially GitHub is how people build software and millions of individuals and organisations are using it to discover, share, and collaborate on software. GitHub are on a mission to further develop their support in the UK and across Europe and we have been chosen as one of only a handful of carefully selected partners.

We are excited to be embarking on this partnership with GitHub but what does this mean for your enterprise organisation?

Here at DevOpsGuys, we work with our clients to build out efficient software delivery pipelines and enhance their overall software delivery process. This starts with source control and GitHub is the go to product for those looking to accelerate their DevOps processes. Establishing this relationship has been a great strategic fit and comes with some great benefits to us, and more importantly our clients.

We can now provide consultancy on GitHub implementations that are scaled out across organisations, not only focusing on the technology, but also the cultural challenges and new ways of working that need to be considered, such as adopting collaboration and best practices. We will help you choose your deployment option and integrate your favourite third-party tools into a powerful, collaborative workflow using Github.

As Jesper Hyrm –VP Sales EMEA at GitHub explains;

“The digital transformation of enterprises is actually a much larger presence of software in enterprise processes. Enabling the processes of building software means enabling the digital transformation of the enterprise. GitHub enables its users in building and maintaining software. “

DevOpsGuys can work with your enterprise organisation to build and maintain software using Github that will allow development teams to collaborate on important projects more effectively, improving productivity within these teams. If this sounds like something your enterprise organisation can benefit or to learn more about our official partnership with GitHub contact us here or give us a call on 0800 368 7378.

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