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DevOpsGroup Blog Agile marketing is driving business growth, say industry leaders

Agile marketing is driving business growth, say industry leaders

Agile marketing teams play a fundamental role in helping organisations attract the best talent and accelerate business growth.

That was the core message at a recent breakfast briefing hosted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and DevOpsGroup at Capital Tower in Cardiff.

The hour-long “Marketing Bitsize” event attracted marketing professionals from across Cardiff and discussed the return on investment delivered by marketing teams within organisations.

In particular, there was a focus placed on people and marketing teams working together to ensure organisations meet their strategic goals and stay ahead-of-the-curve.

As a fast-growing IT consultancy, DevOpsGroup is using internal marketing to hire skilled professionals and achieve high levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. In May, the company was named the best tech workplace in Wales at the ESTnet Awards.

Ryan Cullen, people success lead, and Joanna Pontin, marketing manager at DevOpsGroup explained how the organisation has applied strategic IT processes to internal marketing and has evolved this strategy in response to change.

Scaling up

During Ryan’s talk, he said the company has helped its continually diversifying team by embracing core values in everything it does, which maximises internal engagement.

He told the audience: “Over the past few months, DevOpsGroup has grown rapidly. Our team is more diverse than ever and is comprised of people from a wide variety of different backgrounds, working in a variety of locations.

“We’re proud to be an organisation that puts its people first. Internal culture is critical to our success and creating great people experiences, and this is enshrined in our core values.

“Throughout the company, people are given autonomy and provided with support to achieve the best results possible. Everyone is clear about their accountabilities, their outcomes and knows where they belong in the overall structure.”

Agile superstars

What’s clear is that the success of DevOpsGroup has come down to its adoption of agile working. “In the business, we’ve incorporated agile and lean practices to boost productivity and generate value for the customer, whether those are our external customers or our internal ones we service as a support function” explained Ryan.

“Every member of staff is BCS Agile certified, meaning we have a common understanding of how this works in practice. The visualisation of work means that communication occurs more naturally.

“On a daily basis, we use tools such as Confluence, Zoom, Slack and Hubspot to improve the flow of communication internally and cater for remote workers.”

Transforming marketing

Having joined DevOpsGroup in 2016, Jo was challenged with implementing a marketing approach fit for a young disruptive company. Fast forward two years, the firm has been named one of Wales’s fastest growing companies by the Fast Growth 50.

“When I began working for DevOpsGroup, I was surprised by the fact that everyone wanted to contribute to the marketing process. Whether it’s writing blog posts or attending events, people want to help grow the company and ensure it remains at the cutting edge.

“The IT industry is driven by change, and we can’t afford to be static in our marketing approach. To create a positive workplace culture and achieve our goals, we refer to the Agile Manifesto on a daily basis. We view it as a mindset that empowers team members to generate value for customers.”

The marketing team at DevOpsGroup has taken a number of practical steps to become an agile-first organisation. For example, everyone works in sprints and takes part in daily stand-ups.

Jo recommends a lean approach: “Maximise value with minimum waste, couple this with the agile mindset, implement feedback loops to continually improve, and ensure everything is linked back to your objectives and key results (OKRs).”

Gavin Davies, vice chair of business community at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, added: “It’s lovely to have in South Wales companies growing at such a rate and employing local talent – particularly in marketing. As an organisation, the CIM is proud to be supporting this.”

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