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DevOpsGroup Blog Academy To Operate: What You Can Achieve Your First Year After University

Academy To Operate: What You Can Achieve Your First Year After University With DevOpsGroup

Leaving University and entering the ‘real world’, straight into a 9-5 job, can be a very daunting and scary thought for most. Here at DevOpsGroup we understand this, which is why we have our DevOpsGroup Academy in place. The Academy ensures all graduates, and interns, have everything they need to transition into a role with us – including the simple things like time to process the change from university living to work life.

We caught up with our Graduates, Zakriya Mohamed and Jake Morgan, who have just moved from the Academy to the Operate Team. We asked them a few Qs about their thoughts on the transition, and on their new team!

To start, tell us a bit about you both…

I’m Jake, originally from Pembrokeshire in West Wales, I’m a graduate engineer at DOG. I’ve been here for close to 9 months now and have worked with the Academy, CloudOps, and DevOps on all manner of things.

I’m Zakriya, a graduate engineer here at DOG. After graduating from Cardiff University, I worked for a small start-up as a web developer building management software for the NHS and housing authorities for 9 months before starting at DevOpsGroup.

You’ve both been with DOG almost a year now, how have your role and responsibilities changed in this time?

Jake: When I first joined there was lots of time dedicated to learning and personal development, we were put through AWS and Azure courses, as well as undertaking the BCS Agile certification exam. As time has gone on the learning has moved from structured courses to more ‘on the job’ learning, lots of the tech and tools I use are new so it’s just a case of picking them up as I go along and trying not to mess anything up too bad!

Zak: Initially when I joined I was sat within the Academy as part of the automation team in which I was helping to automate the on-boarding process and develop the second version of the system. Recently I’ve made a move into the CloudOps operate team in working on client infrastructure in Azure as-well as taking on a few pieces of Ad hoc work to create automated build and release pipelines.

Jake, you mentioned that the Academy put you through a number of courses. Has DOG provided you with other relevant skills or experience for your current role?

Jake: Starting this job I had next to no experience with the tech I am using now, nor did I have knowledge in Agile working methods or DevOps principles. In a relatively short time, I have picked up and touched on so much. Looking back, I sometimes forget how much I have learned. DOG encourages you to throw yourself in and ‘embrace the journey’, for new graduates starting I cannot stress enough how important it is to really get stuck in.

We have our new graduates joining us in a few months. What advice would you pass on to them from what you’ve learnt at DOG so far?

Zak: Everyone knows something you don’t and they are always happy to share their experiences and knowledge. So, my advice would be to talk to people, and ask as many questions as you can! ‘Love to Learn’ is one of our core values and it’s not just something that just sounds nice but something that everyone within the company takes seriously. So get stuck in and don’t wait for information to be dropped in your lap, seek it out.

Finally, this month is all about the Operate Team… so what makes this team so good?

The operate team is unique in the fact that it is a long-standing team within DOG. Normally teams are put together based on people’s specific skillsets that are needed for a project, the Operate team potentially works with clients for years so the team stay together for much longer; because of this everyone gets to know each other and their quirks which forms the basis for a lot of fun and joking around.

If you want to find out more about our DevOpsGroup Academy, The Operate Team or just DevOpsGroup in general, please feel free to get in touch as we would love to tell you why working with us is the best!

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