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DevOpsGroup Blog A DevOps 101 for product management

A DevOps 101 for product management

The convergence of business strategy and technology is one of the most fundamental repercussions of the digital economy. To take advantage of new opportunities, and to mitigate new threats, the IT department needs to shift from service provider to strategic enabler. It’s not an easy transition, especially for large, long-established businesses with deeply entrenched ways of working.

DevOps is crossing the chasm

Over the past decade, DevOps has emerged and gained credibility as a way to enable more adaptive, agile business practice. As it crosses the chasm from early adoption to early majority uptake, DevOps is maturing, making its business case more compelling for traditional, enterprise-level organisations.

A central tenet of DevOps is the creation of product-centric, as opposed to project-led, teams. Multi-skilled teams take long-term responsibility for a product, from inception to ongoing management and improvement. This gives individuals a stronger sense of ownership, while allowing greater autonomy and space for creative experimentation. It’s also driving an evolution of the product manager role and responsibilities.

Continually adding tangible value to customers, be they businesses or consumers, has never been more important. So, product managers need to empower teams to streamline operational tasks, delivering seamless and stable online experiences. At the same time, they need to foster targeted innovation and invention. DevOps offers an effective way to achieve both these goals and more.

Giving product managers competitive advantage

We were recently approached by Product Focus, a product management training specialist, to explain what DevOps is and how it can help product managers stay on top of their game in the digital age. One of their senior consultants, Phil Hornby, has written an excellent DevOps 101. If you’re new to the concept of DevOps, or need help making a business case for this transformative way of working, it’s well worth a read:     

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