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DevOpsGroup Blog A Day in the Life of an Engineer

A Day in the Life of an Engineer

I’m Chris, Senior AWS Engineer at DevOpsGroup. Having joined the company last summer, I have to admit it’s been a pretty exciting and varied experience so far.

On a daily basis, I help our clients utilise cloud technologies, automation, and DevOps practices to increase business efficiency and enhance people’s working lives. I wanted to give you an insight into what a typical working day looks like for me.

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to travel a lot. I’m currently working on-site for a major travel company and am staying in a great Airbnb.

Before I kick off my day, I make a breakfast, catch up on the news, and read any messages on Slack. With the Airbnb just a few minutes’ from the office, I enjoy a refreshing walk to gather my thoughts and I grab a coffee on the way.

To visualise my work and gain a better understanding of what needs to be completed, I spend a few minutes putting cards on a board and going through my Slack messages.

Daily stand-up meetings also form a big part of planning. My colleagues and I stand around a large screen (with remote members joining via video conference) to discuss the things we’re all working on and ways we can collaborate.

With planning now complete, I make a nice cup of tea on the way to my desk. Of course, you’ve got to ignore the fridge full of beers and wine – it’s not the end of the week just yet! But it’s a nice thought.

Feeling refreshed, I continue migrating a key client service into AWS. For this particular piece of work, I spend most of my time utilising VSCode and Slack. I also work closely with the client’s engineering team to ensure we’re constantly aligned.

Amazed at how quickly the morning has gone, it’s time for lunch. As you can imagine, there’s much debate about where we’re going to go. In the end, we opt for the Burrito van. The decision certainly pays off – it tastes pretty awesome!

Now that lunch is over, I begin working with another engineer on a Tech Spike to evaluate a new requirement from the client.

This is not only a great opportunity to deep dive into the technology, but to determine whether it will deliver value. After that, we have a quick impromptu chat with other members on the team – before deciding to go ahead and populate the backlog based on our findings.

Towards the end of the day, there’s just enough time to ensure all of my tickets are up-to-date and respond to any Slack messages before I head home.

There’s a pub nearby, so a couple of us head over for a quick pint and a chat before heading back to the Airbnb.

Once home, I jump on a video call with my wife (and, inevitably, our dog) before cooking and settling in for the evening. Until tomorrow!

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