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DevOpsGroup Blog 6 ways you can embrace change in your business

6 ways you can embrace change in your business

We’re all exposed to change, whether it’s being diverted in traffic or entering a room full of new people. It’s overwhelming but is something you must do to keep pushing ahead in today’s constantly evolving world.

However, by identifying key trends and experimenting on a daily basis, change can actually become your competitive advantage. Here are six ways you can do that within your organisation.

1. Be patient

It’s an amazing feeling coming up with an idea that could transform your role and business, but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Of course, achieving desired outcomes quickly is great, although it’s not the end of the world if things take a little longer than expected. You’ll learn in the process, and if anything, patience will help you avoid acting impulsively.

2. Embrace it with others

When it comes to reacting to change in a business context, you shouldn’t feel alone. More often than not, others will be in the same boat as you. It always helps to pay attention to other people’s feelings and how they’re adapting. Chances are, you’ll feel inspired and motivated.

3. Upskill

There’s never a time when you stop learning, and change results in constant upskilling. Just go back to the latter part of the twentieth century, when computers emerged – suddenly, businesses were exposed to a new form of communication and information gathering.

Similarly, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will result in the need for people with new skillsets. Yes, that may sound a little scary, but it’s also a unique opportunity.

 4. Inspire and incentive change

If you’re a change agent and helping an organisation to transform, a good way to motivate teams is by putting role models in front of them. People will likely feel better prepared to implement healthier behaviours if they see others who have been through the process. But, at the same time, it also helps to incentivise change. You can do that by simply giving employees credit and congratulating them.

5. Don’t resist change

Whenever something new is thrown upon us, our natural reaction is often to resist and avoid it. However, the end result is that you end up being left behind while the people around you continue to thrive. Try to see change as a competitive advantage – rather than a detriment – and go with the flow. Business leaders can ease things by positioning change as a cultural benefit that involves everyone.

6. Try new things

The great thing about change is that it often brings new opportunities – on a both an organisational and individual level. If your organisation is running new projects, don’t be afraid to volunteer for them. Or should there be a new technology or process coming into force, prepare for the change. Most importantly, just try new things and experiment – you’ll learn along the way and constantly be one step ahead.

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