The Aerospace & Defence sector is a truly global industry which features extremely complex manufacturing processes and highly diverse supply chains. However, the sector has historically been viewed as conservative with business models that have remained largely unchanged for years.

This is now changing as customers have become more sophisticated with heightened expectations. They now require a seamless digital experience whether placing orders during the manufacturing process, reserving airline seats online or supporting soldiers on the battlefield.

These changes have forced A&D companies to re-evaluate their business strategies and understand how new technologies will affect their products & services, customer & supplier networks and their employees.

Digital Disruption

For example, airframe manufacturers Airbus and Boeing have 12,000 commercial aircraft orders stacked up for the coming decade and need to leverage digital innovations in order to increase production to meet this demand. New Aerospace companies such as SpaceX are redefining how their industry operates, creating new and different business processes based on their backers’ experience with high-tech digital businesses. Defence companies are also adapting to shrinking budgets and diversified security challenges by employing new advances such as drone and robotic technology.

A&D organisations such as BAE Systems are reacting to the four digital disruptors of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, by using them to increase the capacity, efficiency and scalability of their IT capability.

For an industry that turns over hundreds of billions of pounds a year, the potential for even marginal gains are huge, but Digital Transformation promises even more.

However, Digital Transformation can only be achieved when it is underpinned by a solid platform to deliver and support these new applications, services and technologies. This is traditionally a major challenge for large A&D organisations because they do not have the process, technology or culture to facilitate significant IT change.

DevOpsGroup’s Experience

DevOpsGroup works in the A&D sector to assist large enterprises to digitally transform by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams. This approach allows organisations to rapidly deliver new services to their clients and gain competitive advantage in their relative markets.

As an example, DevOpsGroup has recently supported BAE Systems to develop a world-class service delivery capability.

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