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Steve Thair

Telco Technology Lead & Co-founder

Steve has twenty-five years of IT experience working for top government and corporate organisations in Australia and the UK, including BNP Paribas, Vodafone and Credit Suisse.

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29Years working in the IT industry

80Average nights per yer spent on the road

About Steve

Steve’s role at DevOpsGroup is intrinsic to the growth and development of the company, ensuring that our products and services evolve to meet the needs of the rapidly changing market and that DevOpsGroup remains a thought-leader and pioneer in the DevOps movement.

Steve’s passion is creating operationally excellent platforms for web applications that are secure, scalable and manageable. He is an expert across a wide range of technologies, with Microsoft web server infrastructure being a specialism.

In recognition of this expertise, Steve Thair has been made a “Regional Director” by Microsoft. Established in 1993, the program consists of 150 of the world’s top technology visionaries. Regional Directors are expert advocates who promote Microsoft products, services, and solutions by sharing their deep knowledge with groups such as customers, the press and industry analysts.

Prior to co-founding DevOpsGroup, Steve was the Web Operations Manager for Totaljobs and was responsible for running their online job board platform.

Steve blogs extensively and presents regularly at numerous meetups, webinars, and conferences around the world to evangelise the benefits of DevOps. In 2014 he co-founded the WinOps Conference and Meet-Ups which are dedicated to promoting DevOps in Windows environments.

More about Steve

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Favourite Food?

Chilli con carne

What one book should everyone read?

Understanding Fear by Gavin De Becker

Favourite Tv Show?

This Week Tonight with John Oliver

What is the best thing about working at DevOpsGroup?

Watching interns return as graduates and develop their careers and how quickly they learn the new DevOps & Cloud skills - keeps everyone on their toes!

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