Sophie Canning

Product Marketing

Sophie works within the People team, she started as a resource manager and is now a People Success Senior, focusing on recruitment and recruitment marketing.

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About Sophie

Sophie looks after recruitment with Gareth as well as making sure we are constantly attracting the best talent through our social media campaigns.

Originally from Belfast, Sophie moved to Cardiff for University and decided to return to Wales after a year out where she spent a few months in California, travelled Asia and worked in New Zealand. She then started her recruitment career where she spent two and a half years in an agency before joining DevOpsGroup in November 2017.

Sophie is passionate about people. She loves to socialise and engage with people which is why she finds her job so rewarding when she matches the right people to the right roles.

One day, Sophie aspires to have unlimited holidays and travel the world… or own a vineyard.

More about Sophie

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What is your favourite food?

Cheese 🧀

What is your favourite holiday destination?


If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Definitely to be able to teleport or fly. Holidays whenever and wherever I want!

What is your favourite animal?


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