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Kim Hutchinson

Agile Delivery Manager

Kim joined DevOpsGroup in November 2018 as an Agile Delivery Manager (ADM) - and jumped straight into a large Finance client engagement.

2Black belts in martial arts

5Years spent Coxing

3Years doing Delivery Management

About Kim

For the last 15 months, Kim has helped to shape numerous deliveries relating to this client as well as getting involved with an initial Discovery with another.

Kim’s the ADM for the Flying Hellfish squad, meaning she’s responsible for making sure the right work is coming in, the squad are happy and DevOpsGroup management know what’s happening with each of our client engagements. She’s the organiser of the squad, often spending time trying to make sure accounts and systems access for the team on client networks, remain intact!

Prior to DevOpsGroup she worked with HSBC for 5 years, initially joining through a Grad scheme and eventually transitioning into front end development and DevOps. Then she moved into the world of consultancy, working as a Delivery Manager across clients in Finance, Oil & Gas and Consumer Electronics.

Outside of work Kim enjoys Martial Arts and is currently training in Krav Maga to compliment her black belts in kickboxing & karate. She also coxes for the local rowing team, plays D&D and actively participates in Magic the Gathering events around the UK.

More about Kim

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What is your favourite food?


What is the best thing about working at DevOpsGroup?

The culture - everything is general really open, transparent and inclusive. You don’t really get ivory towers or silos.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

To fly, see the world from above - and save a fortune on airplanes.

What is your favourite animal?

Dragons - Yes they’re real, don’t tell me otherwise!

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