James Harvey

Director - Academy

James Harvey, DevOpsGroup Academy Director and formerly CEO of Agile Snap, has been leading the Agile movement in Wales for over a decade.

15Years working with Agile teams

5Motorsport circuits in the UK raced (and counting)

5thJames to work for DOG

About James

A certified Agile and DevOps trainer, James started off his professional career as a junior web developer, before realising that his strengths were most certainly elsewhere!

An organiser of the South Wales Agile Group; James combines passionate knowledge of software development with industry-leading insights into practical applications of Agile and DevOps principles. A regular industry speaker at meetups and conferences, James’ favourite topic to cover is around how Agile implementations need to look beyond Scrum.

Since DevOpsGroup’s acquisition of Agile Snap, in 2018, James has been building up a portfolio of Academy training offerings including the creation of the BCS; British Computer Society accredited Foundation Certificate in DevOps course. He is always looking at creative ways to make learning as engaging and focused as it possibly can be.

When he’s not sat at his desk or running a training session, James can normally be found at a racing circuit in the UK, participating in a C1 Racing Club endurance race at club motorsport level. He also spends some time attempting to impart some Agile and DevOps wisdom onto his 5 year old daughter (and wife).

More about James

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What one book should everyone read?

Mike Cohn’s User Stories Applied was the first Agile book I picked up in 2004 and really proved to be the catalyst for my Agile journey.

What is the one quote you live by?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” Wayne Gretzky

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Three more wishes. No, wait…

What is your favourite animal?

Cats. Obviously.

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