Izzy Robson

Agile Delivery Manager

Izzy is originally from Warwickshire in the Midlands, and learned how to shoot a crossbow at eighteen while working at Warwick Castle.

12Years in delivery

3Languages spoken

26Felt dogs created

About Izzy

Prior to joining DevOpsGroup Izzy successfully ran their own consultancy in London providing specialist strategic transformation support for international NGOs and local authorities. As part of this work they helped Oxfam to implement several global IT initiatives in cloud tooling and process optimisation, including setting up a multi-time zone global Service Desk in ServiceNow for 10,000 users.

Izzy also has 8 years experience working in local area partnerships, developing best practice and service design for women’s services and public protection.

As a DevOpsGroup Agile Delivery Manager (ADM) Izzy runs the Voyager squad, supporting clients based in Wales and the Midlands, and provides client engagement services.

More About Izzy

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If you could have a super power, what would it be?


Whats the one quote you live by?

’Try, fail. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.’ - Samuel Beckett

What is your favourite song?

It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

Favourite TV Show?

Teen Titans Go!

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