Dave Vaughan


Dave joined DevOpsGroup as a Senior Engineer back in July 2018, after recently making the jump into a DevOps focused role.

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About Dave

His background has been quite varied, holding roles such as Software Engineer, DBA, sysadmin and DevOps Engineer over his 12+ year career in IT. Having gained experience in traditional enterprise environments as well as smaller, more agile companies, he has a broad level of expertise in this field which has helped him in his role in DevOpsGroup.

When it comes to IT, Dave’s passion is still in the database world, relishing any opportunity to help solve database challenges – ultimately trying to bring DevOps approaches, to an area of IT that is occasionally known to cling on to more traditional practices.

Aside from databases, Dave also enjoys working with cloud providers like AWS – modernising customers’ solutions for a cloud-based approach, and utilising Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, or configuration management like Puppet or Ansible; automating as much as possible on the way.

Outside of work, Dave is a keen music fan – both playing and listening. His rock and roll days of being in a band are very fond memories to him. Other than this, he enjoys running and surfing.

More About Dave

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What is your favourite TV programme?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Whats the one quote you live by?

Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity

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