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Daniel Rees


In the summer of 2016, Dan joined DevOpsGroup as the first graduate DevOps engineer. He has progressed to the level of practitioner engineer, working on numerous clients and internal projects to broaden his technical experience.

2AWS Certifications

4thYear at DevOpsGroup

13Countries travelled

About Daniel

During his fledgeling career with DevOpsGroup, Dan has grown in experience and confidence. Starting with the challenge of automating the onboarding of new staff. Thereafter Dan has both supported and lead Git fundamentals training, provided customers with expertise in tools such as Ansible, Terraform and Hashicorp Vault and lead the engineering front on some smaller engineering engagements.

Dan is particularly interested in architecting cloud solutions in Amazon Web Services. This is enforced by his desire to gain more knowledge through the completion of AWS certifications. He currently holds the Solutions Architect (Associate) and Cloud Practitioner certification with SysOps Administrator soon to be complete!

Whether it’s architectural design, technical implementation or any other facet of our varied work, Dan will always ensure that his contribution is of the highest quality possible.

Away from work, Dan has a keen interest in sports, spending most weekends playing/watching football or participating in a Saturday morning Park run.

More about Daniel

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