Chris Taylor


Chris is a Consultant working in the Flying Hellfish squad. He joined DevOpsGroup in August 2016, and in doing so swapped the bright lights of London for the Welsh capital.

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10Years working remote

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About Chris

Initially, as an Engineer, Chris worked on numerous projects for clients delivering Azure cloud solutions and Continuous Delivery pipelines. He then made the jump to Consulting after realising just how much he likes to talk.

Chris has over 15 years’ experience and has worked from his base in Oxford (and more recently Cardiff) for more than 10 years. Chris’s career took him to DevOps 6 years ago, working as part of a team to deliver positive change through the power of automation, and continuous delivery pipelines. He now uses that knowledge and experience to work with clients all over the UK on their DevOps transformation journeys. Using his passion for delivering value to customers through eliminating waste, he promotes best practices and a Lean mindset to everything he does.

Most recently, Chris has been working with a large Enterprise finance client in the South of England. Through using DevOps principles and technical practices, he works with other members of the team to improve the way services are delivered.

Away from IT, Chris enjoys heading up the Eco community at DOG. Together the Eco community aim to reduce the carbon and plastic footprint of the company and encourage everyone at the company to do their part for the planet.

More about Chris

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What is your favourite food?

Peanut Butter

What one book should everyone read?

How to Give Up Plastic - Will McCallum

What is the one quote you live by?

You love your family, but it doesn’t mean you have to like them.

What is your favourite animal?

Cats. They do what they want, when they want. Plus they get 9 lives and to sleep all day!

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